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  1. Thank you, I will try. just to clarify, there’s no shared security data base that stores can access. If my details were put in, they wouldn’t come up from the previous incident. The man that stopped me wasn’t a security guard at store, but a store detective. Sorry if I’m repeating myself, it’s the fear, and shame I’d feel going back in. Thank you again for being kind, it did calm me some, as I was a mess with worry.
  2. Thank you so much. I need the reassurance. It was a store detective, that said he was watching me, and don’t they work for many big stores. I’m even paranoid he was watching me from previous incident, like i flashed up or something (paranoia I know) , as I was just getting a few things, not shoplifting. I know my details were kept with Sainsbury’s, as they said so, but for how long, I don’t know. This was Asda, so I’m freaking it’s some outside security firm. I’m scared to go back now.
  3. Thanks for answering, and so fast. I’ve been frantically searching the internet for any information about how long they keep your details. If there’s some data base that you’re on for life. I’m hoping it’s a year, with that being the length of time ones told I could not come into the store. I doubt I’ll ever go back now though. I did address this at the time, didn’t keep it to myself. It’s brought it all back. No way would I do it again. I know it was probably stress that contributed. I’m now worried I’ll be tagged in every store in town. They seemed to accept it was an accident, but if I come up from previous thing, then they will think I’m a serial shoplifter.
  4. A while ago I got caught shoplifting, moment of madness. Awful lesson. I wasn’t prosecuted, but the store banned me and took details, picture etc, it was horrific. Today I went to different store and one item got lodged under my bag, a bar of chocolate, and was stopped on way out. I nearly died from fear from what happened before. They took my name and address, nothing more, and I paid for item. If they check my name and address will my details come up from precious incident? I have never returned to the store I was caught in from shame, a I used to shop there a lot. They banned me for a year from the time I was caught. It was 2 years ago now, and I still recoil in horror. I’m scared I will be known now in every store, if I’m shown as the previous incident. Been hyperventilating for 2 hours. I’m just wondering if they keep your details indefinitely on some database, even if not prosecuted.
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