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  1. Oops ... Sorry its not clear.... In August I arranged with Asda a home delivery, during lock down, for my son who was sheilding. He lives in kettering but I accidentally put my address as the delivery address. I realised my mistake and called Asda helpline who said it was too late to cancel the delivery and I should refuse the delivery at the door, which I did. And the status of the order was "cancelled" 2 weeks later the status of the order on line changed to "delivered", at this point I was charged for the non delivery. My on line bank account showed 2 amounts of 97.84 as pending.
  2. Thank you for the welcome and moving my post to the appropriate area
  3. Hi hoping for some help or advice re asda. On Saturday 15th August I had to cancel/refuse a delivery at the door. On 7th Sept the status of the order changed to "delivered" and I had 2 amounts of £97.84 deducted from my bank balance as pending. I called Asda who refunded £97.84, this deleted one amount. I have still been charged £97.84 for a delivery but Asda are saying it has been refunded and to contact my bank. This is their response "Hi there, thank you for your patience with this. I have spoken with our payments team this morni
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