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  1. Thank you for your advice, I will ignore the letters and wait and see if it gets escalated.
  2. Thank you for your quick response, is there an actual, cut off date for enforcing uae debt ? It’s been approximately 13/14 years I’ve assumed they are chasing on the off chance of scaring me into making contact and admitting the debt. I am quite stressed to still be getting letters but as I said in reality I have nothing and no income even if they tried going to court I’m not sure what I could be expected to pay. In your opinion, shall I just keep filing them in the bin ? Or maybe catch the postman and say no one of this name lives here, please retur
  3. I realise that, but I’m asking whether to continue to ignore or if I should contact them to explain my circumstances? Also the reasons as to why you advise one course of action ?
  4. I was in Dubai with my children and husband. Whilst there husband persuaded me to take out a car loan on his behalf. 12 months later we separated and I returned to the uk in 2006. We divorced. Over the years I have received letters from various uk collection agencies in regard to the £9000 outstanding loan (which they are now claiming £40k for) but ignored them all with no further action. However over that last couple of months I’ve received several letters from International Debt Recovery which have been forwarded to me by a friend at my old address. I also changed my
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