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  1. Exactly. I was furious that they put peoples lives at risk. And at the same time ploughed ahead with less urgent work without authorisation
  2. Brakes were obviously authorized but not other work. My problem with brakes was that they were so bad that they completely failed and yet the day before they were deemed good enough to pass MOT with just an advisory. Very dangerous and potentially more costly
  3. Thanks for your reply. We have the car (daughter paid on card as she was upset and intimidated) and all repair had been done. No opportunity was given to seek second opinion or even to accept cost of coil and plugs. Usually they would ring to get permission to go ahead with repair. This time they had carried out brake repair (agreed) and replaced (?) coil and plugs and refused to return car unless money was paid. Daughter was alone in dark at garage on industrial estate, having been dropped off by grandfather
  4. My daughter, who is studying to become a primary school teacher, required a MOT for her Fiat 500. She booked it in at the garage which has carried out previous service/MOT/repairs. They have been very fair and helpful up to this point. The car passed the MOT with an advisory to replace brake pads and shoes in the not too distant future (but not a fail and not an urgent requirement). While getting MOT daughter was encouraged to have a full diagnostic check on car. In their own words "it will tell you everything wrong with the car, even the radio" . She went with the diagnostic check
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