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  1. Thank you for the reply @BankFodder - Will do. As for the calls, the only one I have is a saved copy of the webchat session in September with Three, where they offered a 3 months refund. However, at the start of the session I did state I had cancelled back in November 2019, the adviser said "Yes, i can see it was cancelled" but then went on to say "Because the PAC code was not used the account was activated". A different adviser in the same chat apologised for the inconvenience and offered an 3 month refund. The other calls / chats I don't have saved. The first one back
  2. Hi, just wondering if I could get any advice from someone. I could rant for hours on this but, I'll try to keep it short and sweet. Back in November 2019, I took out a contract with Three for my son. I already have my own contract with them, and also one for my son. However, I wanted to change his number so took out this new contract for that purpose. Spoke to Three on the phone in November 2019, told them that I wanted to cancel this contract. Adviser gave the usual retentions speech, asking if I'd like to keep it for another family member. After refusing t
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