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  1. Thank you very much for an extensive reply, would I email this to the gym or harlands? It looked quite scary but when realising they're just fearmongering I am more relaxed.
  2. So I won't need to actually give any attention to it? Can I just ignore it?
  3. Hi all, I am in a difficult situation where I used an offer where I got the first month off for free and then it would be £25 thereafter. I only used the first month then cancelled the direct debit through my bank, my gym account has been defaulted and no longer exists so I cannot contact the gym. Harlands have contacted me today asking for £90, soon to be £204 if I do not pay the £90 before the 24th of November. I don't want to pay this, I can compromise on paying them 1 months worth of a membership £25 but other than that I do not want to pay t
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