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  1. It is not a delicate item at all at 14lbs, cast aluminium. It is a field transfer standard pressure gauge that I bought more than a decade ago. In regards to the claim, chased this over their chat at least 2 times a day, everyday. It passed through Claims - Claims Supervisor - Claims Manager - Commercial Director - Company Managing Director Today it was approved. Happy ending in my case Will make a donation to your cause. Thank you so much!
  2. Have plently of them, inside and out. They processed the claim fast, however it is still "under review"
  3. Even if the parcel is taped with their tape? I mean they are trying to hide the damage.
  4. Hello guys! Discovered this awesome place just a few days ago after a consigment was damaged by DPDs. Used P2G to book a delivery to a country in the EU via DPD and it was insured up to £2500 for which I paid ~ £150 "insurance". The item I have sent was a hermetically sealed pressure gauge, which was not contained in their Prohibited Items list. Asked for confirmation from two different agents on chat. Soon after delivery the buyer reached out to me saying the box has a 6 x 3 cm hole in it covered with DPD "Resealed with Care" tape. The hole was all th
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