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  1. Thanks, yes they manage to position themselves as being a mere bystander in carrying out their own business
  2. Hi there and happy new year.. Hermes have now submitted a defence and I’ve just received the Directions Questionnaire. Brief reminder of the situation … · I returned 2 parcels to Sportshoes, using Hermes courier collection, each about £230. · The next day discarded packaging was found a few miles from my address · I contacted Hermes immediately · Parcels never arrived at destination and Hermes agreed to pay me max compensation £50 each · You suggested putting in county court claim for one parcel to start with (as identifie
  3. Hi there, I sent the letter of claim and there's a week til the 14 days are up. I've registered on MCOL and drafted the particulars of claim, following the style used in other similar cases. It's probably too wordy for you but let me know what you think! The claimant used the defendant courier company to return a parcel to an online retailer in the UK, Tracking Number xxxxxxxxx. Less than 24 hours after courier collection, discarded packaging from the parcel was discovered a few miles from the collection address. This clearly shows the courier service did not use reasonable care an
  4. ng67860 thank you for sharing your progress through this and useful summary, I've just issued a letter of claim to Hermes and drafting the POC so this has been encouraging to read, and well done!
  5. yes ok thanks, not sure 'Clearly' is accurate, I know it's highly likely but I dont think the evidence per se is sufficient there are other explanations however vacuous. I'd prefer to say theft is indicated
  6. Is the following OK? Should I also, or separately, say I'm not accepting their offer of the £50. Do I not need to include anything about them failing their duty under the Act to have care and skill ...
  7. Thank you. I'm thinking write as an email but send as recorded delivery letter as well? Does it need to be addressed to the chief exec?
  8. Yes I agree, I'll go with the claims separately the 'lost packing' one first.
  9. Thank you that all makes sense. Yes I want my money back but I also want to hold Hermes to account and definitely prepared to go to county court if that's what it takes.
  10. Thank you I've been giving this some thought. Would there be any merit in putting in the two claims at the same time, so they have to respond to each individually but I wouldn't be seen as trying to hoodwink them but pulling another claim out the bag at the 11th hour? I guess though I would incur double the cost in the first place and the argument would be to save both sides additional costs?? I'm not exactly clear what the next stage is, I've read about letters of claim and deadlock... Also if I go through with one claim which will presumably take several weeks, is t
  11. Many thanks, I see the value of this, hmm weighing up the pros and cons, just wondering if this approach of using the threat of another claim as leverage to encourage them to settle both been used successfully before? Have successful claims against Hermes got to County court in the past or are they invariably settled at the mediation stage?
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