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  1. Very good! Do you have any ideas of the best way of making a formal claim against Packlink and Hermes? Obviously their public-facing assistance is of no use whatsoever. Many thanks KP
  2. I have just had Packlink/Hermes lose a package. I was stunned to learn that 'Antiques' is on Packlink's exclusion list, including such dangerous anti-social items as 'Art' and 'Jewellery'. (While a whole list of other things including 'Luxuries' are 'non-compensation items'.) Makes you wonder if it's ever worth paying for shipping insurance. Anyway, they have lost my shipment, which was a rather lovely antique hunting whip for which someone had paid me £88. My questions are: 1. How can Packlink justify excluding items which Hermes, the carrier, explicitly do NOT ex
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