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  1. I have just been told that this Restriction is actually not permitted when there is one sole proprietor listed on the title deeds so they are unsure how this has actually been permitted to happen.
  2. I received paperwork for a loan and a mobile phone contract to my address, I do not know the exact dates of these but was told that he could apply legally as he was still on the mortgage. He did know I was taking a new mortgage in my own name. He was never on the deeds, always in my sole name. At this point I do not know who has lodged this restriction, the name(s) on it or how much it is for.
  3. Wording: RESTRICTION: No disposition by a sole proprietor of the registered estate (except a trust corporation) under which capital money arises is to be registered unless authorised by an order of the court. Credit was taken out whilst he was not living here but still on the mortgage. The Restriction was placed, without my knowledge, one month after the new mortgage, which cleared the whole of the existing mortgage in both our names, thus both the mortgage and deeds were in my sole name. Thank you ever so much for your replies, I am really struggling to kee
  4. I really hope that someone can assist. I am applying for a re-mortgage which has been a long time coming, I won't go into great detail but needless to say due to an acrimonious separation I had to fight to keep my children, home and sanity. My conveyancing solicitor emailed to ask me to contact the solicitor to remove the Restriction. I knew nothing about this so initially was confused then as I gained more information have been in total shock for 4 days, unable to eat or sleep. It seems the father of my children, my ex-partner unbeknownst to me was able to
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