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  1. Sorry I haven’t had chance to reply. I returned the car and received a refund for the amount I paid for it. A huge thank you to @BankFodderfor helping me as it made the whole thing a lot easier. I have noticed that the car is now back up for sale. I’m hoping the gearbox is now properly fixed/replaced for the next buyer as it didn’t seem to be any different when they had apparently replaced a new gearbox. I’m just annoyed that I was initially being fobbed off by the seller who said he couldn’t hear the gearbox problems and that there was absolutely nothing wrong with the car! I’m just so relieved to be rid of it and some vital lessons learned here.
  2. @BankFodder I really appreciate your help. You’ve really restored my faith knowing there are some good people willing to provide their time and expertise when others are out to scam you. Big lesson learnt from this and will recommend this website to anyone I know. Thank you so much I’ll take your advice on board when I take the car back. I’ll not be leaving without him transferring the money into my bank account. He was able to wait while I transferred from my banking app in his office so he can do the same. Does make me nervous if they will attempt any tricks but he has already said ‘ok’ to the refund. I’m assuming that will be the full £2200 I paid that I am entitled to?
  3. @BankFodder Thank you for your help with this. I sent the emails and text messages this morning. He got back to me by text message asking when I want to drop the car off. I replied saying I want to drop it off on Saturday for a refund. He only replied saying ok. I’m not sure if I need to do anything else as I only want to return the car, get the refund by bank transfer and then go. I am not going if he wants me to drop the car off and then they try to inspect it further. I’ve already wasted £200 on it, fixing a broken coil and getting the wheels rebalanced.
  4. Hi, Thank you for your help. Yes some information.. The dealership is IG Motor Group in Manchester - https://www.igmotorgroup.co.uk/ The car is a Citroen C4 Automatic, year 2010. Mileage is 83,000 miles. Thank you, if you could please advise the next steps I would really appreciate that.
  5. Hi, I bought a Citroen C4 automatic second hand from a motor group dealership. The car has a rotating grinding noise at certain speeds and shudders at around 70mph. I took it to my local garage and they initially thought it was the drive shaft but wasn’t. They said the fault is in the gearbox. The car has a 30 day gearbox and engine warranty. The motor group took the car back as they said it would get a new gearbox. A week later they said the car is ready and provided an invoice for supply and fitting of the gearbox. I went this weekend to collect and drove it away. However the car is now worse than I took it, there is a burning transmission smell. it still has exactly the same rotating grinding noises plus when I got to the motorway and hit around 70mph a service light came on and ‘faulty gearbox’ showed on the info screen. I turned around and took it straight back and demanded a refund as the sales manager says it is fixed and ‘nothing’ wrong with it. He came with me for a test drive but this time the fault message didn’t show up, because I wasn’t going 70mph or more. I kept pointing out the grinding noise and burning smell but each time he dismissed it saying there was nothing plus the burning smell is probably spilt / excess transmission fluid burning out. It still smokes and stinks a couple of days later. When I first told him I wanted a refund he took the keys and said the girl that deals with refunds is due back in a couple of days. However I had a bad feeling I wouldn’t get a refund so asked for the invoice of the gearbox repair and took the car. On the way home the car felt rough, the same gearbox grinding issues and ‘faulty gearbox’ message popping up at 70mph+ and shuddering. I paid for the car in full by bank transfer and I have all communication with the seller by SMS messaging, I have also send him videos and photos of the fault message. I have requested a full refund again but he is ignoring my messages. I also requested their email address which is not on their website. I found their email address on Facebook and emailed them again requesting a full refund as the gearbox is still faulty. I have not been able to write a paper letter yet. The car is under the 30 day warranty until today. Can anyone please provide any advice as I’m being fobbed off and ignored. They say there is nothing wrong with the car and they paid £450 for an auto gearbox to be fitted. The car has just over 80k miles on the clock.
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