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  1. Thats a relief, I had it in my mind for the case management meeting to focus on the cca not been good enough.
  2. Not sure its significant but received letter from PRA group acknowledging cca request and returning postal order as they don't charge. Contained information sheet saying it can be a reconstructed agreement, doesn't need the date or my signature, also may take longer than 12 days if they have to contact the original creditor.
  3. Ok, just waiting for sars from lloyds, should be here 22nd. Meanwhile i will send PRA a cca.
  4. Case management discussion scheduled Thurs 11th of Feb. Is it time to send CCA request to PRA group? Letter also encourages claimant and respondent to contact each other to seek to settle case or narrow the issues in dispute, should i contact them or leave well alone? Thanks.
  5. Thats interesting re email address too, I used an old throwaway hotmail one in the end. Thanks and goodnight, sleep calls.
  6. After some perseverance I have just managed to send using the portal. Seems it does not like rocketmail addresses. It was still very awkward to get thru tho. Brodies have ticked the box to be notified by the court. If I email them a copy also is there any risk associated with them having my email? I ticked contact by post only on the form if that makes any difference.
  7. Trying to respond via the online portal as is now required, however i keep getting the message that "email address, case reference number or claimant name cannot be verified" I have checked repeatedly and they match the court document exactly. Can anyone can think of anything I may be doing wrong?
  8. I am hoping the sar from Lloyds will show this, the other debt they were dealing with was the mbna one from around 1998.
  9. Thank you very much, that looks much better. I will get editing!
  10. For D2 The claimant has averred on their claim form that they hold the signed agreement under the Consumer Credit Act 1974 dated 01/11/2000 A SARS Request was sent recorded delivery on 14/11/2020. The SARS return contained a largely illegible copy of the CCA which contained no terms and conditions. No Notice of Assignment from LloydsTSB to Active Kapita is contained. No Notice of Assignment from Active Kapita to PRA Group is contained. The sum claimed is comprised heavily of penalty charges and PPI. Whether charges were reclaimed canno
  11. Section D1 Respondent – Case Reference Number – As a respondent I specifically make reference to the Simple Procedure Rules 2016 in so far as my understanding is that: 1.4(2) The Sheriff must ensure that parties who are not represented, or parties who do not have legal representation, are not unfairly disadvantaged... ... I represent myself and are totally at a loss upon how to respond to such a claim & welcome any assistance the sheriff can give me. 1.6(9) When appearing against a party who is not represented, or who is not legally
  12. No problem I will attach it here after i remove my details from it.
  13. Thats great thanks. Did you get the dm i sent with my attempt at filling in the response form? Hopefully i am not too far off the mark with it and it doesn't require too much adjustment. I am hoping to submit it either tonight or in the morning as i am working until late tomorrow.
  14. Tomorrow is my last day for response to be sent in, would this be midnight tomorrow or would it need to be within working hours? Also if I miss the deadline am I correct in my understanding that the sheriff will likely find in favour of claimant? Thanks. Post just arrived. Lloyds are sending sar to me by 22/01/21. It will be re bank account, loan and this credit card. Should I add this into my response or leave it just now?
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