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  1. It must annoy the courts to be used in this manner, especially in the midst of a pandemic and more serious issues to attend to. Its certainly been educational anyway! Set up a small permanent monthly donation and will pop in a lump this payday!
  2. Email with attachment from court and confirmation letter from Brodies. Also phoned Clerk of court to check.
  3. Yes that sum and date are also in the pra sar. I will reply confirming i am happy to be cc'd to clerk of court accepting the offer. am i correct in thinking the sb letter goes to PRA after i get notice from court confirming the case is dropped?
  4. Thats the way i read it too, keeping their options open and not ruling out another go at a later time. I am sure it was SB after 30th dec 2020.
  5. Just received; It appears we are agreed that the court action can be dismissed on a no expenses basis. I shall email the sheriff clerk on Monday, copying you in if you would be good enough to respond confirming the agreed position. I am aware of the Form 9E. If my clients were unilaterally abandoning the action I would lodge the Form 9E and would not require to seek any agreement from you to do so. However, my instructions are to seek to agree a mutually acceptable settlement. I will therefore proceed as previously suggested. Kind regards,
  6. Received following response; Thank you for your email below. The offer advanced, on a purely commercial basis, was to dismiss the court action on a no expenses basis. As you will be aware, the Order of the Sheriff dated 7 January 2021 encouraged parties to make contact and to advise the sheriff clerk if settlement was agreed in advance of the Case Management Discussion. If you are agreeable to the court action being dismissed on a no expenses basis I can simply email the sheriff clerk and advise that matters have been resolved on that basis. If you are content that I copy you in by email then a short response from you to the sheriff clerk indicating your agreement to dismissal no expenses should allow the court to cancel the Case Management Discussion fixed for 11 February 2021 and dispose of the court action as agreed. I look forward to hearing if you are content to resolve matters as suggested. If so, I will email the sheriff clerk and copy you in to enable you to respond and confirm. You may wish to seek your own independent legal advice or contact your local Citizen's Advice Bureau or other free debt advice agency. Regards,
  7. I wasn't sure if the contact from them would reset the statute barred aspect so thats interesting to hear.
  8. Great thanks, I have not emailed them yet, can i post my response first here to check it reads ok?
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