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  1. Hi did you get the RLP letter in the end? Or any other communication?
  2. Thanks so much again for your advice. I just wonder if maybe Tesco has changed their rules as he was adamant that a ban letter can only come from head office. & that previous footage can easily be traced back using my card details.
  3. Thanks a lot. Security guy said he cannot do anything in store but is referring my case to Tesco HQ office and I will hear from them soon so I’ve not yet gotten a letter but might do
  4. Thank you for the help. Is your logic based on real experiences? I’m just worried about the possibility of criminal record etc. They were saying because the value of the two items I forgot to scan was around £35 (but the rest of the shopping also came to around that much). I will definitely be more mindful in future when using self checkout (I’m always scrabbling through my grocery back for my wallet etc which completely covers anything that might have been underneath the large ‘keep’ shopping bag
  5. Yes I mean the security staff. He told the manager as well and the store manager didn’t have a strong opinion and seemed fairly on the fence and said to him ‘up to you’ and it was the security guy who wanted to push it further to a full investigation at HQ
  6. One of the items had a tag on it and it beeped on the way out they checked back and realised I’d forgotten to scan it in self checkout. they checked everything. In summary, I scanned about 30 food items but forgot about 2 non-food items which I’d kept in the other side of trolley in case any of the food items spill on it and had my large grocery back on top and totally forgot about it and was in a rush to finish due to how busy the store was and covid concerns. I have had chronic dizziness, low blood pressure and weight loss in the last year (and two fainting
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