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  1. Haha, do you have notifications set for every new post, dx? Legally, what extra can they charge me for, now that the car is gone? Obviously I still owe my two months' arrears, which I wouldn't try to get out of anyway, but yes, I've paid well over 50% so don't owe anything more on the car now. But wear/tear? Touching up any small scratches they might find? Extra mileage? (We put 6k miles per annum on the agreement, at time of sending car back it's averaged more like 7k).
  2. The car is now gone! Anglia arrived and picked it up this morning. Now to wait to see if Ford try to get extra money out of me for wear and tear/mileage etc.
  3. Right, VT has gone through already. Anglia coming to pick the car up tomorrow morning. I've given it as much of a clean as I can (none of the local carwashes are open with it being lockdown) and taken photos inside and out. Noticed one little 1cm scratch on the rear bumper. Couple of small scuffs on the front alloys, but nothing major, and nothing I'd put as above general wear and tear for a car that's seen daily use commuting, going on holidays etc for three years.
  4. Taking it to the friendly Romanians around the corner on the weekend to get it cleaned, then taking some pictures in the daylight. Always dark before/after work at the moment. Funnily enough, even the chap from Anglia advised doing that, too. Poor chap seems a little morose about having to do his job at the moment. Says that most creditors are being very charitable in these hard, unprecedented times, but finance companies are being real sticks in the mud, which is good for him, cos he's busy, but not so good for the many people who are struggling. Thanks again for the a
  5. UPDATE - Ford Credit received the VT and passed it on to Anglia to arrange the recovery. Spoke to the Anglia rep again, he says he's got some forms for me to fill out re the collection. Then collection should be about a week from signing the forms. Does this all sound above board? Thanks guys.
  6. Just had a knock on the door from an Anglia rep. Tbh, very nice man. Told him that I'm VTing the car and he said fine, no problem, he'll head off and wait for Ford Credit to pass him the information.
  7. Thanks DX! I'll get this sent off asap. After such a **** year, I want next year to be the one we get all our finances back under control. And if that means slumming it in a £500 banger for a year or two, so be it.
  8. DC.... Amazing reply, thank you so much. I will copy/paste that, print it off tomorrow, post it straight off. So if I read correctly, I can terminate the agreement, effective immediately, give the car back (specifying TERMINATION not surrender) and all I owe is the arrears of two months payments, yes? If so, it's exactly what we need in these tight times. It'd save us a lot of stress, not to mention £200 a month. This forum is amazing. So many rights we have as consumers, but no-one will tell you what you can do unless you go looking for it on pl
  9. Hi guys, hope someone can offer some advice. During the last lockdown, me and the mrs were both furloughed from our minimum wage jobs. Tried our hardest to keep on top of bills, rent, council tax and food all obviously taking priority. Unfortunately, during that time we missed two of our PCP payments to Ford Credit. Contacted them through their web portal, asking for a payment break - flat out declined, no reason given. Now, a couple of months later, I have a rep from a company called Anglia trying to contact me. Not spoken to them yet - I work a
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