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  1. Hey dx, no one, just an assumption if we need to prove anything to anyone, espcially the courts.
  2. What happens if they send an enforcement officer as the CCJ was not responded. She wouldnt know the legal process and i dont neither cause ive seen them hound someone before.
  3. What would be the next logical step? I've checked on the GOV website and there is this https://www.gov.uk/respond-to-court-claim-for-money/pay-some-of-the-money
  4. Just been on PCM website to check what video evidence they have. She parked her car just on the entrance/exit to the forecourt on the kerb. Timestamp on photo from first picture was 13:22PM. Timestamp issued for PCN is 13:36PM. The attached notice is somewhere around this garage. There is a visible one, but not the same picture as below, buts its on the right hand side on a pillar of the forecourt buidling.
  5. Hi Dave, 1. I'd doubt she'll be after any credit any time soon as shes retired and already has a mortgage. 2. £255 is cheaper than 358, but depends if she pays Equita and if she can arrange for a lower sum. Gladstone passed to Equita so wont be calling them back anyway as they gave the two fingers. The lady from PCM was nice over the phone and she did suggest a SAR.
  6. Hi everyone, Really appreciate the guidance. So ive done a lot of calls today to the other parties (CCBC & Gladstone) to get more info. Original PCN letters was apparently sent to my mums previous address March 19, although she doesnt recall seeing any. She moved back into her original home which she rented out towards near end of year, which then she declared her car off road as she no longer needed her car as she was retiring. That address has now been rented out but tenants have not advised of any letters sent for last year/this year. Her PCN appeared
  7. Hi everyone, Thanks for the super quick replies! @BankFodder redacted PDF added for the 2 letters received. @dx100uk Her car at the time was registered at my brothers address as she was living there. Her house was rented out last year and she always goes to check for letters. Nothing sent to both addresses. If a CCJ was sent, or even the PCN, she would have been on my case ASAP so i doubt she would have ingored them, especially a CCJ! equita letters .pdf
  8. Hi, new to the forum here. Need help please! My mum has had 2 letters from a firm called Equita who seems to be debt collectors. A debt was passed onto them by Gladstone solicitors in regards to an unpaid CCJ. After asking what was the fine for, they said it was for a PCN. Back story, around March last year 2019, she was in London and was on her way home where she got lost. She stopped by a BP petrol station to ask for directions. It seems the private firm PCM manages their parking. To assume, although not confirmed,
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