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  1. I will request that from the council tomorrow, I was looking to do the same for Walker love but since they won’t talk to me - you know haha. weve had 2 addresses in the Last 10 years both in Scotland and the address they had on file for us was Sussex. I have linked it to the fact my ex husband used to live there but that has absolutely nothing to do with myself or current partner. you couldn’t actually make this up could you!
  2. I have a pretty strange situation going on. My partner has had a few earnings arrestment for council tax as we’ve been playing catch up for a few years. Now we believed we had caught up with everything until August last year when there was another arrestment on his wages. I phoned them to ask what it was for as we hadn’t received any letters they wouldn’t speak to me as they said the address I was giving was incorrect. left it alone thinking we must have owed it then we have had new letters from the council stating some payments for previous year
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