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  1. Thanks again for the help. I sent my PE3s and PE2 and received auto responses for all of them. The TEC have sent my PE3 and PE2 to Barnet council and enforcement is on hold (confirmed with Marston - I recorded the call). The Camden PCN was on the last day before I had to also send a PE2, and I sent it before midday. I haven't heard back from the TEC other than the auto response - I'm assuming that one has been automatically processed and intend to confirm on Monday. I did however get an email from the TEC regarding the two Ealing PCNs, saying the debt had not been registered with them. I have received 'Charge Certificate' letters for both, dated 02/09/2020 and 14/09/2020. At this stage should I contact Ealing council and send them my PE3 forms, or should I wait until the debt is registered with the TEC and send them there again?
  2. I've completed all the forms but I'm worried that by mentioning in the PE2 that I didn't update my license I may be asking for more trouble. Is it likely that I would be fined for that as a result of this? I'm taking the three PE3s to the county court now but I have at least another day to take the PE3 / PE2, so will wait for a response on this one.
  3. Thank you Bailiff Advice, this is very helpful. If I was religious I'd say you're doing the Lord's work. You too, DX. I made it to the magistrates court before they closed but was told I needed an appointment and that I should go to the county court tomorrow morning where an appointment isn't necessary. I'll be a bit late for work but my boss understands. For the PE2, Is it worth making the argument that the V5C isn't clear or should I just explain the circumstances? should I replace 'debt registration' with 'Charge Certificate' for the two PCNs that have only gotten to that stage?
  4. Thank you for the response. That is some wonderful news regarding the PE2s, I'll get them sent as soon as I can. Such a relief. I got my provisional while living with my parents in 2011 at age 25 (loser, I know) - that's the address on the license. I've been at ten different addresses since then and haven't been operating a vehicle at all until 2018, so didn't see the need to update it. I went back to uni, finished my degree, moved to London and have had two jobs since... lots of moving around. When I got my CBT and started riding I thought it would still be best to leave the address alone as my parents reliably forward my mail, and because I'll probably still not settle down for some time. When I learned it was mandatory to keep these up to date I immediately updated my V5C and applied to update my driving license with my current address. So for the PE3s, is the following suitable? "I did not receive any correspondence regarding this PCN as it was sent to my previous address at [old address]. I moved to [new address] on xx/08/2019." I want to try to get to the court before 4:30 today if I can.
  5. Hi, I've fallen into the trap of moving house without updating the address on my V5C and urgently need help with the wording of my responses for forms PE3 and PE2 for four separate moving traffic offences. I spoke to TEC this morning and was told that I have until Wednesday to send a PE3 for PCN #2 without also having to send form PE2. Additionally, I have until Thursday to send my PE3 and PE2 for the first PCN, assuming they process it by the next day. The letter from the bailiff gives me until midnight on Saturday to pay £278. The remaining two PCNs only require form PE3. I'm posting here in the hope of getting some more advice on the actual responses I write in those forms, hopefully from Bailiff Advice?. Or should I contact a solicitor? I have no idea where to start with that and I have a full time job so I have very little time.
  6. This comment by Baliff Advice suggests that detail is helpful. Should I have posted in the Bailiff forum rather than here since it's got to that stage? I see what you're saying about responding to the TEC not having any effect on the DVLA and their archaic forms since they are separate entities. I was hoping it might explain specifically why I didn't receive the PCNs. The form asks for reasons, and my OP describes the reasons though I feel like I'm on the wrong track and running short on time. I'm not able to send Bailiff Advice a message on here since I'm new.
  7. Hi, could you please help me with this issue?



    One of these four PCNs is with an enforcement agency (Marsten), a second one likely will also be very soon. I saw this post and was hoping you could give me some guidance on the PE2 and PE3 responses.


    Many thanks

  8. I moved house on 24/08/2019 - before any of the contraventions. Two months before the first contravention.
  9. I did read it, thanks for providing the link. Aren't TE7 and TE9 for parking offences? Mine are all moving traffic offences. Sorry I didn't make that clear.
  10. Thank you dx100uk, I know what I have to do. I'd like to know what is best to write in the 'reasons' field on the PE2 and PE3 forms. I'd also like to know if the reasons should be the same on both forms. PE3 appears to be the "Why didn't you receive the PCN?" form and PE2 looks like the "What took you so long?" form. Is that correct? Or should I state all my reasons on both forms?
  11. Hi. I bought a moped two years ago - my first vehicle though I'm 34 and have had my provisional for nine years. I recently received a letter from Marston stating I have until 07/11/2020 to pay £278 for what was originally a £65 PCN for a bus lane contravention. I then went back to my old address and discovered three more PCNs. Details below: Contravention: 22/10/2019 Barnet council Charge certificate issued on 09/01/2020 I didn't find the 'Order of recovery' letter but it has since been passed to a debt collection agency £195 + £8 court registration fee + £75 debt collector's fee Contravention: 08/06/2020 Camden council Charge certificate issued on 04/09/2020 Order for recovery of unpaid penalty charge dated 29/09/2020 £195 + £8 court registration fee No letters from an EA yet Contravention: 13/07/2020 Ealing council Charge certificate issued on 02/09/2020 £195 Contravention: 29/07/2020 Ealing council Charge certificate issued on 14/09/2020 £195 I moved house on 24/08/2019 - before any of the contraventions. I was unaware that I needed to update the address on the V5C to receive PCNs. Having done some reading here and on National Consumer Service, I see that many other people have been affected in the same way. The reason for this seems to be the nature of the V5C itself. There are two approaches I could take with my PE2 and PE3 forms, and I hope someone here may be able to advise me. Obviously I won't be trying to misrepresent the truth in a sworn statement, but I'd like to know which of these factors is most likely to see my forms accepted. Firstly, I could state that because of Covid I have been hesitant to visit the old address for long enough to sort through the mail. This is true - there's a huge pile behind the door that I had to enter the house and sort through. It's a shared house with seven occupants and people don't stay there long. I'm heading back to take some pictures shortly to illustrate this in case that is my best option. Secondly, I could explain why I didn't know that updating my address is mandatory. The most salient points are: I understood the words: "You must make sure the name and address printed here is correct. If it is not, see section 12." to be something that must be done on receipt of the document. The address was correct when I received the document. The inner two pages appeared to relate only to selling or exporting the vehicle. In section 12, instructions on how to update one’s address are given but it is not made clear that this is mandatory or that this relates in any way to PCNs. “If the details in section 5 are wrong or you want to change your address, fill in section 6… Do not tick the new keeper box.” I understood this to mean that updating my name and address on the certificate was optional, and likely to be something that I would need to do before selling or exporting the vehicle. On the reverse of the document is further information on selling and exporting the vehicle, and a second section also titled section 12. Here, the keeper’s responsibilities regarding registration, tax and insurance are outlined but there are no statements about updating one’s address with the DVLA. I interpreted the words "Failure to tell DVLA of any changes may result in a fine or prosecution" as relating to the immediately preceding statements about informing the DVLA if the vehicle has been sold, taken off the road or exported rather than relating to my personal details, which aren’t mentioned in that section. There is no indication that the section 12 on the reverse of the document is a continuation of a previous part of the document or that it is preceded by other important information that relates to anything other than buying, selling or exporting the vehicle. In summary, important information on updating one’s personal details are at the end of a two-page form that is used only when buying, selling or exporting the vehicle. Furthermore it isn’t made clear anywhere that updating one’s address is mandatory or necessary to receive PCNs. Feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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