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  1. Hi BankFodder Thank you for kindly Consulting me. Much obliged. The figure is more than £1,600 (must've taken leave of my senses). Once done, I'll gratefully/meaningfully contribute. I don't expect it to be delivered on Monday. We'll see. Unsurprisingly the caller couldn't give any tracking information for the alleged Mon delivery. It wouldn't be outrageous to expect more lies. I can conceive the unnamed 3rd party supplier is a ruse to bat away awkward questions about tracking information The 'instruction-to-refuse' came in a phone call from their
  2. I'll guess you've heard of these on here before - laptopsdirect.co.uk
  3. Hi, Needed laptop quickly so online order form saying "in stock" and then £10 payment for "next day delivery" swung it. Monday 26th - paid for via 'PayPal Credit' on Monday 26th. Monday 26th - email confirmation from them - we've got your order. Tuesday 27th - email from them - "It has left OUR warehouse today and will be with you on 28/10/202 >> 2 lies in the above sentence which brings total lies so far to 4 lies in 2 days (it wasn't in stock, therefore no next day delivery, it hasn't left their warehouse, it won't be with me on
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