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  1. I have already filled in the questionnaire and asked for it to be in a court near me. Sent it off a week or so ago. The questionnaire they have filled in and sent today - this is where I have seen they have agreed to mediation and requested the hearing to be near them. There was no mention of gagging? I assume from your above post this post I just need to read about mediation...
  2. Hi, I've just received the defendants questionnaire. They have agreed to mediation and asked that the hearing is held in a court near them. What are my next steps?
  3. Hi, quick question. the notice of proposed allocation to the small claims track, says that I need to serve copies to other parties? Does that mean I need to take copies and send to Hermes?
  4. Hi, I've received the small claims track notice and questionnaire. They haven't offered mediation, looks like I have to ask for it by agreeing in the questionnaire? Should I just agree?
  5. Thank you. I'll get in touch as soon as I get the questionaire. Happy new year!
  6. Hello! I hope you had a good Christmas. Please can you help me? Hermes are disputing the full amount, are defending the claim and have filed a defence. I don't understand what they have written so could do with some help understanding, and what the next steps are. As mentioned above, I did take out full cover i.e the £20. They have the proof of the cost of the items. One tap was undamaged so I am only claiming for the two items that are damaged (thought this was clear in my letter of claim?) - £284.42.
  7. Hi, Here's my particulars of claim. Pls let me know what you think. Reference: XXX Parcel ID: XXX Defendant courier company undertook to deliver the claimant’s taps and fixings to the value of £284.42 to an address in the UK. Defendants damaged the parcel contents through their negligent handling. The claimant seeks compensation for the defendant’s negligence: £284.42, plus interest pursuant to section 69, County Courts Act 1984
  8. Hi, I've just drafted a letter of claim. Please can you let me know what you think. Should I add money for my time that they have wasted (which is a lot!)? Also, is it worth mentioning the films of Hermes staff throwing parcels around? The most recent one has appeared in the papers yesterday, or would that not be relevant to my claim as I can't prove that any of the parcels they have been caught throwing belong to me? Martijn De Lange Hermes Capitol House 1 Capital Close Morley Leeds West Yorkshire LS27 0WH Dear Ma
  9. Ok thanks. I'll post the letter here in the next day or so.
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