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  1. There are still issues ongoing with the quality of work with the installation. The capping board replaced in my bathroom has been set at such an angle that things put on it fall off. The installer said to just not put anything on it. I will do a bit more digging about the h2b company to see if there is an address or anything that's connected with the company. I understand that this will be long and drawn out but I'm not prepared to just let it go either. At best this company is dishonest at worst fraudulent. Thanks so much for your replies
  2. No the Help to Buy company was only called Help to Buy. I have kept the email thread from them indicating that they would be sending a representative to measure up and give quote. It was the Help to Buy company that sent Safestyle. Hitachi finance was just the finance company and they have done all they can with regard to my complaint. Thanks
  3. Safestyle windows is the company that sold the windows. I received finance through Hitachi finance company. I'm happy to answer any other questions
  4. Hi, I'm not sure if I'm asking this in the correct forum. Ill try to be brief - last October I contacted a h2b company that said I was eligible for up to £200 off every window and door. I agreed to a company to come and quote. The quote was given, the windows and doors installed. The initial installation was incomplete however the people installing said for them to be paid for their part I needed to sign both a form that said what was left and that they had done their part. This form was actually an agreement to release the funds from the finance company. I disputed this. Fensa came to inspect my property finding multiple errors (improper sealing) in addition to those I found (chipped and damaged beading, poor finish and damage to an internal door and blind). The company returned to fix the issues Fensa identified. I compiled a very hefty report and sent to the window company complaints team with pictures showing the faults. They did apologise and have attempted to remedy some of the issue. I asked for a price breakdown in December to check exactly what each item cost. This was done as I had agreed to have sills in addition to the windows and i received capping boards instead (i didnt need capping boards). The price breakdown shows no indication of any saving made as promised by the h2b company. When i highlighted this to the window company they said what they had provided was all they were giving me. I complained again and was given an explanation stating that they gave me a different saving that was larger than would have been offered by the h2b company in the first place. This was not indicated to me at point of sale. Being that it has been a year I am wondering if I should contact the financial ombudsman about this. I feel as though I have been miss old this product and the company has been dishonest and unhelpful. Any advice would be great.
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