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  1. dx I note your comment and i have checked and I it is a non- standard registration and not a standard form K, charge order. I accept that this does not guarantee immediate payment. My case is that the debtor owes a five figure sum from a CCJ in my favour for over twelve months and he has not paid a penny. I am also proceeding with court action to enforce payment, and the charge order strengthens my case to ensure the debt is paid at some point. As i stated in a previous post, when i receive the N87 I would like to know what i need to do with it. Do i n
  2. Thank you for your helpful replies. I am waiting for Form N87 from the County Court ( i will be chasing this up ). Next question. When i receive form N87 what do i do with it ? Is a copy sent direct to the land registry or do i have to send it and if so is there an accompanied form to go with it ?
  3. Thank you for your replies. You have answered my query. I was not aware of form N87. I have looked at the form on line and I have not received it from the county court yet ( hearing date 5/11/20). So i can now chase them and refer to the form. Thank you andyorch and dx100uk.
  4. dx100uk, no he is joint owner. The interim charge order is already shown on the title register of the property and the other joint owner ( wife ) has been served with the notification papers as per the procedure.
  5. Hi, I applied for a charge order ( N 379 ) against property owned by a person who owes me money from a CCJ but as not paid a penny so far. An interim charge order was been granted and the person objected and at a hearing asked for the Charge order to be " set aside ". His case was dismissed. I need to know what happens next. Does the final charge order automatically take place, or do I have to perform further work myself ? I have contacted the County court where the hearing took place and also the land registry, but one has not replied and the other replied but did not answ
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