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  1. Thank you for that information dx
  2. Thank you dx... consider it done. I'll let you know the outcome of the CCA request in due course. Meanwhile, I'll be reading up on what to next if Cabot do go ahead with issuing me with a claim form.
  3. On 3 February 2003 I opened a credit card account with Lloyds TSB. In May 2009 I defaulted and the proverbial hit the fan and the debt was passed to Cabot. Any PPI was investigated by the Citizen’s Advice Bureau back in 2009 and all was found to be above board. I have since that time continued to pay £1 every month to Cabot without sending any details of my income mainly because my circumstances never changed. Recently I have received a letter from Cabot Financial. They’re considering legal action as they require an update about my situatio
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