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  1. UPDATE : 11th november Dyson carried out their work at the back of the building. It blew in through a hole in the kitchen behind the cabinets. it was so bad we ran out of the flat coughing and gagging. We told them and they hoovered it up and advised us to wait in a room while they finished up. There was still dust in the air and the surfaces. We were left with a lot of cleaning to do in the kitchen and in the hallway again where it blew into. One of the Dyson blokes came back removed the duct tape we applied and sealed only the worst part of the damaged window frames but left the rest. On removing the duct tape the paint came off residue from the tape has been left all around our windows. I emailed Town and Country on 10/11/2020 giving them 14 days. We have received a response from them on 12/11/2020 acknowledging receipt and saying they are looking into it, but have not heard anything since. I also had to take an impromptu day off work on 11//11/2020 because of this, and it has come out of my holiday allowance. Could you please help us as to what the next step to take would be? Thank you for your time
  2. Thank you so much for taking the time to help! Bankfodder to answer your question- The surrounding flats don't seem to be affected however we don't speak to any of our neighbours to know this for sure. I have taken pictures of the damage but have to throw some of it out due to lack of space and the dust thats on it Stu007 Thank you for the list! I have copied and pasted it into an email to town and country and also titled it 'formal complaint' as you suggested. I had to give them 10 working days from the day I filed a complaint through their website in addition to the original email i sent to both Dyson and Town and country before I could send this final one. I also contacted the environmental council services. So far not heard anything
  3. Hello everyone I'll try to make this as clear as possible and keep my emotion out of it! -We own our flat which is in a block - Currently working from home -I'm asthmatic -Town and Country are the freeholders. -Dyson Energy Services were hired by Town and Country to insulate the walls for our block. -Dyson Energy Services sent a letter saying they are going to send a surveyor round before carrying out work but no one ever got around to surveying our flat before they began the work only about a week later Thurs 22nd oct 2020 - Dyson started carrying out their work on the block we live in, they have been drilling holes in the wall and pumping something through the holes via a hose. There was a haze developing in the living room that made us cough and gag and we had a horrible taste in our mouth. We initially thought it was coming through a hole in the wall that was there for an old TV cable. Went outside to speak to them, mentioned the hole in the wall, asked them if what we had been breathing in was harmful. They said it's not harmful, its "recycled" material and gave masking tape to cover the hole in the wall. Friday 23rd oct 2020 - Dyson carried out more work on our block. There was a haze again in the living room, more coughing and gagging. They posted a handwritten letter saying they've noticed insulation has accidentally come into our home and they can either clean it now or leave the mess until Monday to clean it. (I don't think they knew the extent of the damage). By the time we had seen the note they had left for the day, meaning we had to clean it ourselves unless we wanted to live amongst the mess they made, all weekend. The mess was bits of insulation and dust in the bedroom and looks like it had forced its way through panels we have around our windows. I cleaned it myself which resulted in binning curtains and a ton of washing clothes etc. Sat 24th oct 2020 - 8pm after some windy/stormy weather we noticed a window panel in our bedroom had broken open, exposing bricks and blowing in insulation material all over the bedding, clothes etc. We had to drive out for emergency duct tape. We taped the broken window panel and noticed bits of insulation falling in from another damaged area. We duct taped the entire window in the bedroom and living room to be sure. Mon 26th oct 2020 - Dyson continued their work. A haze developed in the living room. I was sick from all the coughing. I realised there was yet more dust being blown into the living room despite duct taping the entire window. I noticed it came from the wall the internet cable runs through with a little box. I ran out asking them to stop and explained whats happening and that I need to duct tape it. Dyson man who was doing the work said ok give us a thumbs up when your done. Same day I sent a complaint via email to Dyson Energy Services and copied in Town and country attached photos of the damage Within minutes of sending the email a Dyson man knocked on the door. He asked to have a look. I told him I've duct taped it and don't want to remove it which he understood. However, I offered to show him pictures. He said his boss has already sent him the pictures. He wanted to come in still. I told him now was not a good time I'm working from home. He said they have to do the back of the building next week and he'll need access to our home. He explained that Dyson will tape up all the other windows at the back of my home so they can carry on with their job. As for the damaged windows he said its Town and Country's responsibility to fix it. He also said they had removed the insulation from the block I'm in and are next going to refill it. None of what he was saying made sense to me. After all this they have continued to work on the surrounding buildings but i have not heard from Town and Country or Dyson Energy Services since. For the past couple weeks my breathing has been affected with me wheezing etc. and having to wake up in the middle of the night to take my inhaler. Because of the lack of faith we have in this company we have duct taped the windows at the back of the building ourselves ahead of the visit that they will apparently make, and got through about 6 rolls of duct tape plus a fair amount of our spare time taping up windows and cleaning dust and filth from inside the walls from our bed etc. We have had to bin net curtains and blinds that got covered in dust. We don't really know where we stand which is why we have come here for advice, but have gathered that this company have been irresponsible to carry out the work without assessing the suitability of this property before going ahead with it, and also how we have yet to hear anything about how they are going to resolve this, and how they seem to be continuing with the work despite us letting them know of the trouble it is causing us. We know our windows are clearly old and flimsy and would need replacing at some point but surely we are not expected to just live with windows covered in duct tape to stop more filth from coming in until we are able to afford to fit new ones? We were doing OK before all of this, and it seems this company just have tunnel vision and want to get the work done and get paid their grant money and go, regardless of whether it is suitable or needed or not. If anyone is able to kindly give any advice as to where we stand with this and what we can do we would be very grateful for your time.
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