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  1. @Andyorchno I didn’t. It was actually my ex who sorted it. When we split a year later he said he would carry on paying. Next thing I know 3 years later they are threatening to take me to court and take the house leaving me and 5 kids homeless because he hadn’t been paying. i gave them his details but because he never replied and was renting it was put all on me even though I never personally benefited from the money. I will look into a SARS
  2. Hi As many of you on here Black horse sold my loan to Skye Loans in 2015. i have been trying to find my paper work but I have been unable to find it and I need to contact them as I am sure my last payment is due this month and I don’t want to cancel the DD in case I have got the date wrong. if anyone has the email or phone number please can you let me know. Thank you
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