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  1. Thanks for the help guys! I'll get that sent first thing tomorrow morning and post here as/when they play their next hand.
  2. So I ONLY contact X4L and not Harlands, right? Just checking is this their correct address? XERCISE4LESS Head Office 1 Kirkstall Industrial Estate Kirkstall Road Burley Leeds LS4 2AZ Here's the letter I intend to send, should I pull the trigger or change anything? (I'll obviously add customer reference numbers and such too so they know who I am) Dear sir or madam, I refer to my Xercise4Less membership in Hull which I chose to cancel. I now realise I should have paid 1 final month's gym fee after giving notice to canc
  3. Hi Slick, Amazingly fast reply, thank you! According to the reference on the payment it says "ON 24 SEP BCC" and the payment cleared 25th September at 11:26 I was simply told to sign up on the website by a staff member in the gym, no further information was given to me by them. The website stated that it's a rolling monthly membership that could be cancelled at any time "No contract membership JUST £14.99 a month, until 2021*" As far as I am aware there was absolutely no minimum membership length, unless there's some small print I've missed somewh
  4. Good evening, I'm yet another person who didn't think before acting when it comes to a gym membership. I've had a read of quite a few threads before joining so I'm not exactly worried as I see the majority outcome is overwhelmingly positive from the members here, but I hope it's okay that I could seek some personal advice regarding dealing with Harlands myself? I assumed that "no contract membership, no ties, cancel any time, no joining fee" meant I could cancel my direct debit through my banking app within my first month if I decide I don't like the gym (which I didn't
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