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  1. You’ll be pleased to hear after giving them 7 days notice that I would be taking the matter further they have sent me the correct chair and collected the wrong chair without making me pay for the courier. Makes me so angry that they tried to get away with replacing my chair with a cheaper, different version and refused to take accountability. Thank you for your help and advice.
  2. Ok. I’m going to get the chair sorted. How can I contact you for help after I’ve got it?
  3. I’ve given them a 7 day warning to respond to me then I will go from there. So you are saying, pay the courier and get the chair sorted, then start a claim? my worry is also that they won’t send me a new chair until receipt of the current. I’m kinda leaving myself open to no chair at all with their track record!
  4. PayPal are giving them until the 10th November. Do you think it’s worth starting action now or wait?
  5. Hellooooo I’m after some advice! Bare with me, bit of a long one! Back in June I purchased 6 lovely chairs for £700 from a company on EBay. They sent them to me at my request at the end of July once I’d moved into my property. About a month ago I noticed the stitching coming undone on one of the chairs I asked for a replacement as you dont expect that from a chair costing over £100. The company were great and collected and gave me a replacement no quibble. However, when I unwrapped the chair it was obviously a smaller, cheaper chair. Similar, but not the same as what I had. I complained. This is now the issue; They want me to pay £70 for a courier to collect the chair and for me to receive another. My question is, should I have to pay this? It was their mistake in sending me the wrong chair so surely they are liable? As you can imagine I am now in a stale mate with them until one of us gives in Note: I have opened an ebay complaint but after talking to eBay they won’t do anything. I have opened a PayPal complaint to see what happens there but the supplier is yet to respond on PayPal and just responds in broken English through eBay every now and then that he will not send me a replacement chair
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