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  1. Mediation has been set for this coming Thursday
  2. Thanks for the advice, I shall note them all done with bullet points and send the questionnaire back in the post tomorrow
  3. Hi, yes I sent it to you guys on this thread
  4. I received my direct questionnaire from the courts, is it fine for me to send it first class back to the courts?
  5. I will ring tomorrow, will the number be on the MCOL website?
  6. I haven’t received mine yet, Hermes’ DQ was sent to them by the court on the 1st
  7. DQ was sent to Hermes on 01/12 and there has been no update since, is this usually the case?
  8. Court didn’t send it yet but they only did it today
  9. Thanks for your help, when am I likely to receive the questionnaire?
  10. They have now submitted their “defence” Doc_20201130_160657.pdf
  11. 12:05pm, just tried now and no change
  12. Hi, I issued my claim on Oct 27th and Hermes acknowledged it on November 3rd but have not put forward a defence yet I can still not request a default judgement, is this right?
  13. They have issued an acknowledgment of service, this is standard procedure for them right?
  14. Please find below my claim form Doc_20201028_212943.pdf
  15. It was a mistake on my part But it was sent via recorded delivery and Hermes head office signed for the correspondence
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