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  1. I would love too but I was told as part of the agreement I cannot discuss anything involving the mediation process
  2. Thanks for the advice, I shall note them all done with bullet points and send the questionnaire back in the post tomorrow
  3. I received my direct questionnaire from the courts, is it fine for me to send it first class back to the courts?
  4. I will ring tomorrow, will the number be on the MCOL website?
  5. I haven’t received mine yet, Hermes’ DQ was sent to them by the court on the 1st
  6. DQ was sent to Hermes on 01/12 and there has been no update since, is this usually the case?
  7. Thanks for your help, when am I likely to receive the questionnaire?
  8. They have now submitted their “defence” Doc_20201130_160657.pdf
  9. Hi, I issued my claim on Oct 27th and Hermes acknowledged it on November 3rd but have not put forward a defence yet I can still not request a default judgement, is this right?
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