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  1. DD cancelled roughly a month after they stopped taking payment. Last used the gym a day before they closed. Used it almost daily.
  2. Hi, yes it’s Arc. Signed up in Oct 2019 for 1 year. Now being told I must pay till March as they stopped taking payments for 5 months. Before the Covid carry on I was there almost daily. I’m now being threatened with debt collectors because I’ve missed one £45 payment. Do I do what trading standards say and complain or just ignore everything? I’m raging at how unhelpful and unsympathetic the staff are. I’m determined not to give them any more money.
  3. If you wish??? Not very helpful.
  4. Bannatynes have extended my membership for 5 months due to Covid. They are now threatening me with ACL debt collectors. only wanted to join from October to October as I’m now on nightshift for 12 months but according to them I’ve signed up for 12 payments, not 12 months. This means I’ll be forced to pay 5 months membership when they’re not open at the times I’d be able to go. I just want to leave and never use the place again. I now detest bannatynes.
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