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  1. No Peter, I never said that I had defaulted on a repayment plan with the bailiff, I defaulted on the agreement I had with the court. Only heard from the bailiffs for the first time last Thursday. Particular thanks to DX for their advice as I contacted the court and they have admitted they failed to follow process. It seems the Final Steps Notice was not sent. I have had an email from the bailiffs today stating the whole £310 has been written off because the debt was settled with the court. Very relieved although it seems fair given their failings.
  2. No I got the fine in February and started making monthly repayments straight away. I did stop in June and to be honest although I’m not making excuses, there was other things on my mind and I did forget The next communication was the text on the 12th October which I acted on, and then the one last Thursday stating I owed £75 thanks for your help and advice
  3. I never got anything from the court either. I missed a couple of payments and then the first reminder was a text from the bailiffs on the 12th October stating they have been passed the case and have a warrant of control. I paid the debt straight away, but stupidly to the court and not the bailiffs. Is it worth contacting the court? I presume the bailiffs can still chase this despite me paying the original debt on full straight away
  4. Thanks for your reply dx no I haven’t moved, in all honestly I don’t think they have sent the NOA, hence why I have asked for proof. It was suspicious on the phone as they couldn’t find the letter and then couldn’t attach it to an email I have no problem paying the £75 if they prove they sent it. im disputing the £235 as I don’t think they’ve follow the COVID guidelines either. I’m at work and my sister answered the door who is deemed vulnerable and is shielding. I would have told them that if they done a risk assessment (I believe the ministry of justice require it) im a little confused with what you mean by the NOA running out? They have told me they sent it on the 14th?
  5. thank you Can I just add the bailiff has not contacted me to do any kind of COVID risk assessment (and the other person at the property is considered vulnerable and is shielding).
  6. Hello, Just looking for some advice on where I stand with a debt from a court fine which was passed to a bailiffs. I had a court fine which I was paying in instalments. Admittedly I missed the last couple it went back to court who got a warrant and passed it to the bailiffs. I got a text from the bailiffs on the 12thOctober confirming this was the case. This prompted me to pay the debt straight to the court in full. I thought this was resolved (not had any experience of bailiffs previously fortunately). I then got another text from them on Thursday stating I owed £75 to them directly. I understand this is because they took the case on and it a Notice of Enforcement fee. I contacted them Friday because I did some research and understand they can only charge the £75 if they have sent out the Notice of Enforcement by letter and I hadn’t received anything. The bailiffs said they had sent the letter out but were having some trouble attaching it to an email so would repost it (as of today still not received it). My concern was that they had failed to send out the Notice and were editing a letter there and then. From research it was confirmed I was entitled to ask for the original proof (i.e from the post office showing date/time and address) I asked them to send me this (I did so over the phone and sent an email). As of yet they haven’t provided this. A bailiff has turned up today and has added £235 in fees. Can I do anything about this? I confirmed in the email that I would pay the £75 on receipt of the proof of sending. In hindsight I should have just paid £75 I know but just wondered whether they can just add this £235 bearing in mind I have confirmed I will pay the £75 if they provide proof they did indeed send me the Notice of Enforcement? Thanks on advance of any help
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