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  1. Great thank you. So in effect the worse they can do is send letters and call? They can’t physically arrive and take anything from my property or take me to court? I don’t want to pay them considering the 5k negative PayPal balance is a farce that wasn’t my fault but they wouldn’t listen initially Though I don’t want people turning up at door taking stuff or taking me to court. Can I just say having someone like you to advise is a great relief. Thank you very much.
  2. Hi PayPal credit is sorted and showing as cleared. the negative balance of nearly 5k remains. I received the below from moor debt recovery, should I be worried Or will it be ok? We act on behalf of PAYPAL and would like to speak to you on a personal business matter. Please contact us on 0161 475 2860 or via our website www.mdrl.co.uk as soon as possible. Calls to the above telephone number will be charged at standard rate. If you would prefer that we call you back please email us at customers@moorgroup.com with your contact number ensuring
  3. I can’t find an account number or sort code for the PayPal credit facility. However you can pay with an automated system over the phone. So I may have to try that. Looking through everything they only take payment via phone or online. i ve had to change get a replaced bank card as it was linked to PayPal. Also frustratingly my bank account is, though I ve cancelled the DD. I feel I am going to have to open a new bank account.
  4. Thanks for the advice I appreciate that, I ll go give it ago. I don’t suppose you know if it’s legal for them to add the negative 5k to the PayPal credit account? I presumed not, as my credit limit is £400 only and I opted out of credit increases.
  5. Hi All really need some help and advice. i have a PayPal credit facility with a balance of £400. I owe £270 due this month. I am going to phone them and pay this and clear it as it’s a credit contract and I know they can enforce it. however alongside that I have a negative PayPal balance of £5000 this is not through the PayPal credit. It shouldn’t have happened and I don’t plan to pay that, at least not now. if I phone PayPal and pay the credit facility with my debit card will that be ok? Or will they use those details to try and get the money ba
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