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  1. They just said it was fine I don't have to send them in. I am relieved definitely.
  2. Thanks they were really understanding and ill just have to repay the over payment back thanks for everything
  3. I'll tell them thanks ill let you know how I go on
  4. I will do hopefully they'll get back to me quickly thank you
  5. Thank you for the reassurance I will pop back on tomorrow and let you know how it went.
  6. Hi thanks you. I feel all over the place at the minute. If I've been overpaid I'll happily pay it back. I'll explain my issues thank you. I'm dyslexic and I'm fine with written down information but processing spoken word i struggle should I explain that on the phone? Thank you for your help. I have thank you the only thing i receive is child tax credit
  7. Hi yes i changed banks so can only get bank statements from July also Im ill also so cant go out to get the receipts from the childminders and previous childminders. Also I've been talking to my childminder and I think I've put the wrong amount in. I put the amount but my son has funding for some I didn't realise I needed to deduct that amount as it just says childcare costs. Sorry for rambling and thank you
  8. The only thing Is I cant get the stuff they want by then. They said they might stop my childcare which I rely on. Thats whats worrying me x That and I hate talking on the phone I really struggle with it.
  9. Hello, I had a phone call saying it was an interview about my childcare costs dating back to april 2019! I knew nothing about this interview so they have rearranged for this Thursday. I'm really worrying about what it means? Why are they doing an interview and what sort of things do they ask i'm really really worried about what will happen. m My anxiety has been through the roof please can anyone advise?
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