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  1. I will search for the threads thanks. Looking into this first time and using the site first time so I may not have come across quite clear. Just found your response very abrupt but I do appreciated the input.
  2. I understand that it is my job to change the mortgage to a better interest rate but what I am referring to is potentially being mis sold the mortgage in the first place. followed by being penalised and charged for moving to another lender. Thank you for your response though.
  3. Hi all, Would appreciate someone pointing me in the right direction of resources. I initially signed up to a mortgage with Kensington mortgages. At the the time I had no idea that they were giving me an interest only mortgage at an extortionate rate not to mention the fees charged. I was then moved onto UCB Homeland who have continued to keep me on an interest on mortgage but again at a really high rate despite them being so low for a long time. I am still being charged a very high rate. Due to current financial circumstances I'm unable to move lenders. What options do I have? I remember seeing details of potentially reclaiming the charges and some interest payments. Is this correct and if so how do I start the process? Many thanks in advance for your help
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