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  1. Yes I did Was replying to dx100uk. Thanks a lot for your help.
  2. Hi There, It was a 3m membership which had lapsed into a rolling membership and therefore could be cancel anytime but with a 2 months notice. They have taken 1 month notice by DD and then I cancelled the DD (therefore 1 month notice is outstanding which is why they are after me now). I have email confirmation from them that the membership is now cancelled so do not expect anymore DD. The claim is for a relatively small amount (still a lot of cash in this environment!) which I assume is the 1m gym fee + an admin fee from ARC. What bothers me is that they charge for 2m notice, What do they need 2m notice for? Have not been there since lockdown in March. I know I am stuck because it was all in the Terms and Conditions but am still reluctant to pay this extra month as I find it very unfair. Just wonder how they normally operate and if they could actually go to CC, for 100 GBP + any interest. Don't want to leave a scuff on the credit score if they did go to court. Thank you Both, really admire you helping everyone on this forum: Respect.
  3. Hi All Have not attended Gym since March, it was a fixed term membership which I thought would end automatically. I was wrong and Terms and Conditions advise that it then falls into a rolling membership which can be cancelled with 2 months (!!!) notice. When I checked my account and I saw that a new month had been debited I called them and they advised I was not in a live rolling membership and I needed to cancel online if I wanted to. Which I did and I received email confirmation that my membership is now cancelled. However I had cancelled my DD immediately and one month notice is outstanding. I have not replied to their emails and now ARC Europe is chasing (130 GBP, as they add their fees on top of the 1 month notice outstanding). Extremely tempted to ignore all correspondences. Will the outstanding month go back to the gym if I don't reply? Who normally goes to court, ARC or the gym? What's the actual risk even if they go to a county court? Many Thanks for your assistance and kindest regards. Glasr
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