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  1. Hi thanks for your quick response here in PDF and i took the same 2 pics with my phone today. pix.pdf NTK.pdf
  2. Hi, Thanks for quick response, I spoke to the security at the delivery point there and i was there for about 15-20 mins, must have been waiting for a collection to be brought down form one of the businesses in the building. I was in a business marked Mercedes van.
  3. Hi All, Any help would be appreciated on what to do about this NTK that i just received from my employer for a pcn that my vehicle got on 15/10/20. I work in the Q.E.O.P delivering parcels and normally i would park in the loading bay, but being as i stopped were i did, i would say that the loading bay was closed off at the time, as that's the only reason i would stop there. There is no road markings like Yellow/Red lines or criss crossed boxes and i could of only been there for around 5 mins while delivering parcels and no PCN was attached to my vehicle.
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