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  1. No, it's here: https://www.fitnessstationgym.co.uk/ No you don't need a permit. If you are a member of the gym you turn up and park, then as you walk in the front doors there is a terminal you input your vehicle registration details on and then that registers your car for the day or whatever time limit it is. I put in my other vehicle registration number in instead of the one I was using for that session.
  2. Okay, so I'm going to spend the day writing a script and then calling them. If that fails then I will write them an email and send them a letter first class with proof of delivery & continue to try and get through to someone on the phone. The car park was just a small carpark outside of my old local gym which was called Fitness Station. I will attach a photo of a sign that was put up in the car park. sign.pdf
  3. Okay, thanks for all your help so far! No I haven't contacted CEL at all yet. Do you think its best to do so by letter, email, phone call or all three?
  4. Okay, I'll get on it right away! What do you suggest I say to CEL? Shall I say that I am writing to inform them of my intention to apply for the CCJ to be set aside. Then list my reasons why? The fact that me making a mistake when typing the registration number into the terminal makes it a de mininus in court. The PCN being out of time (2 months after incident) The gym/car park owner writing to ask the PCN to be cancelled but you denied it. The gym/car park owner willing to put in writing of their wish for the PCN to be cancelled. Mention the British Parking Association's (which CEL are a part of) new revised code of practice which overturns fines for registration errors - this was revised 6th January 2020. The fact that I did not receive the Letter Of Claim due to moving address but if I would've received it and applied I would have won. Anything else I should add/remove from my letter?
  5. Yes it should be but according to CEL 'they cannot cancel the PCN as I have appealed to POPLA and had my appeal denied' Which is such a BS answer to be honest. Yes the gym owner has had no contact with CEL regarding my PCN since the CCJ, we are just commenting on his communication with them from the start when I first received the PCN.
  6. I contacted the gym and he said that he no longer has the email that he sent to them about the cancellation, which is strange because he had the response email from them? but maybe he had this saved to send to me before but forgot. they (the gym owner) could definitely back me up saying that they have asked CEL to cancel and are willing to cancel the PCN on their end. Do you think what 'lookinforinfo' suggested would be a good idea? If I contact CEL with all this information stating that the Gym owner has written to them asking to cancel and is willing to cancel the PCN. I had accidently put in the wrong registration number when entering the gym but I was a fully paying member of that gym which is a de mininus in court. The PCN was late.
  7. Apologies, I should've said. This was at the very start when I appealed and since it got denied I didn't think it would be relevant. I will ask the gym owner for the initial email he sent and get back to you here. CEL didn't send me any photos of the car at all. As it has gone as far as the courts, will CEL still back down?
  8. Yeah, it took them 2 months! He sent me this message that they sent back to him. 82535827_985297771926536_3099561829352306769_n.pdf That message above is from his contact at CEL/Creative Car Parks. That is their response after he asked to have it cleared.
  9. Yes I did, I will put it on my PC and upload it now. Yes, I have contacted the Gym owner today, this is how I have found out that they told him they cannot cancel the PCN. The gym owner forgot to tell me about this when he spoke to them over a year ago. PCN.pdf
  10. Sorry I should have worded it better. He told me to leave the PCN to him and he would get it cancelled and then CEL got back to him and told him that they couldn't cancel it because I appealed to POPLA. But the gym owner forgot to tell me this when they told him this over a year ago now. When I first got the PCN I tried to appeal to CEL and to POPLA stating that I had put in the wrong REG as a mistake and both appeals got denied. I received the debt letters today at my old address (not my new one). I haven't responded yet. He employed CEL as there were lots of non-gym members parking in the car park. When you walk into the gym, you fill out your REG number on a screen and this is where I put the wrong one in by mistake. Do you think my best option is to pay the £296.83 to CEL as requested by Northampton County Court or to try and go for a £255 'set aside'? As I said before, I am currently a student so if the set aside may turn out costly, this is something I may not be able to afford.
  11. I contacted the gym owner/land owner and he told me that he contacted CEL to cancel the ticket but they had told him that as I appealed through POPLA they could not cancel the PCN. He had 'forgotten' to tell me that, which is really annoying considering my last contact with him, he said to leave it with him and he will definitely get it cancelled. I appealed to POPLA when I first got the ticket explaining my situation that I made a mistake but they denied the appeal. I have the letter of claim, my father searched for it and found it, he is quite old so he must have missed it which is unfortunate for me. The letter of claim was dated 8th Feb.
  12. I've just spoken to my father and unfortunately he has found the claim form dated the 8th Feb. He's quite old so he must have missed it which is unfortunate for me. I've also been sent two more threatening letters from CEL which have both arrived today at my old address, explaining the consequences of ignoring the CCJ.
  13. I am no longer a member as I am a student so have moved away from the location where the gym was. I do still have a contact number so I will call him and find out. I will get him to check to see if he can find it. It's strange that he didn't open the letter of claim if it came in the same type of envelope. Maybe there is a chance that a claim form wasn't actually sent or didn't arrive for one reason or another? If that is the case, do I have a chance of fighting this without having to pay the £255 set aside fees? I am also a student with no other income other than my student loan, so I have heard about a potential help with fees scheme that the courts do. Maybe I would be entitled to this.
  14. Yeah that's what I thought. So annoying that had I actually received the claims form this could be over by now but unfortunately I haven't been able to go retrieve my post from my old address because of the COVID lockdown and my father didn't want to open up any of my post (he only opened this one as he said he thought it looked important, good job he did!) It's also my own fault for not updating my address with the DVLA I guess, but as I no longer own a car it slipped my mind.
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