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  1. When I finally managed to get them to put me on a fixed DD I directed them to my original EAC and the (fixed) DD I thought I originally signed up to. They relented and agreed albeit rounded up to the next pound. I didn't care at that point I just wanted to be on a fixed DD. As part of the complaints process they were quoting all sorts of figures to justify their actions. I pulled these apart and pointed out that they were untruthful. For example, the January debacle whereby they overestimated by 89%. My EAC was approx 310kWh per month. They estimated I would
  2. Given they owed almost £1m and only cleared half of that by the deadline of Oct 31st, unfortunately, I’d have said a return to over estimated bills was inevitable. Despite what they claim, they tap into the customer base for a rolling interest free loan. I hadn’t realised their obligations to Ofgem and as such the rolling loan now makes sense.
  3. I had exactly the same issues. Grossly over estimated bills from January onwards. Despite what they claim, they are effectively taking an interest free loan from their customer base to keep the company in business. They can dress it up how they like. It’s irrelevant if they reconcile the bills the following month because they just over bill again thus keeping a rolling interest free loan. it took two months of constant badgering to be finally moved to a fixed DD. Once that was done I didn’t care how much they over-estimated by. I had raised a
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