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  1. I had never done it and I was afraid. I have done it now. The meter is mine.
  2. @dx100uk I believe I have read in another thread that is not the best option just in case it is not mine? Again, if I confirm that it is indeed mine. What is the next step?
  3. @dx100ukIt just moved less than decimals because we briefly used hot water, while the other one increased by 3m^3. So, how should I proceed? Do I just call EON and make them aware? How will the charge or refund me if they do not know the initial number for the meter (the one 1 year ago in the meter I should have been reading)? Thanks!
  4. But my consumption now seems to agree with the one that doesn't have any number. I stopped using any gas and remained fairly constant
  5. So, the reason why I am concern about this is that new numbers have been written on top of all the meters of the building I live in, but one. The number that appeared on the meter that I use is not the one that corresponds with my flat. Additionally, my flat number does not appear on any meter. For some reason I did not quote you earlier. Thank you both again!
  6. Well the point is to clarify whether I am using a different meter. In the bills the meter that appears is the one that I am using, but as I said, a different number to my flat number recently appeared in there.
  7. Do you mean the gas meter outside the flat? Which one should I turn off then? Because I might turn off my neighbour's meter.
  8. Hello and thank you for the detailed answer. I have checked that website. The MPRN matches with my bill and the gas supplier appears as EON. Then, out of curiosity I checked my neighbour supplier. I know that they have the electricity with EON based on their smart meter, but their gas supplier is British Gas. I do not know how frequent it is to have different suppliers. Either way, It seems like EON is supplying my flat (based on those numbers), but I still have doubts with regards to which one is my meter and whether I am right when thinking that I am using the wrong meter.
  9. Hello all, I hope you can assist me, as I am quite lost and confused at the moment. Two years ago I moved to my actual flat. Throughout this time I have been with EDF first and now EON. When I moved in, my landlord didn't quite know which one was my meter and I picked the one that I believed was mine (now reading you I know I should have done a burner test..). During this time, I have been paying my bills and submitting the numbers that I believed mine, which actually agreed with my consuming patterns. Today, all the meters appeared with numbers, but the one
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