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  1. Good advice, thank you so much. and yes, my main focus is to get clear title of the car.
  2. Hi thanks for the advice. Yes, I will talk with the solicitor tomorrow (AWH solicitors, as they seem to have random experience with such cases) and provide what I have collected so far. The seller said he will only talk with my solicitor, so be it then. I will however push the solicitor to exercise fear tactics that we are in a position to contact his employer since he used company properties and that we need to do this to find out who holds the title; this is more or less to get his cooperation to the full extent and release any information deemed important
  3. Indeed, I will have a chat with the solicitor first. I took a drive to the car trader yesterday (24 Oct) who sold the car in Au-2020 and they confirmed they had it, and sold it in Aug-2020 (and I have all the proof e.g. Gumtree website, and their Facebook posts). They also said they run an HPI check, and that the seller took his own finance company instead what the car trader was offering. He also said no finance company can finance a car if it is already under finance, he said just let your solicitor deal with it. Well, it's corona period, I am unemployed now, and I don't want to
  4. I have no private drive (I am renting a room and there are other tenants in the house), its simply parked on the street. But I am planning to park the car in a car-park, bit away from where I live. There are a few scenario's, the seller is possibly still paying the loan to MB, but since MB is the owner its illegal for the seller to sell the car without notifying MB. Fact is he sold it, but if he continues to repay the loan, can MB still repossess? But even if he pays, they will remain the owner and that is a situation I want to get rid of. I will be still d
  5. Hi thanks for the reply and good point. Well after I run the HPI check, I read a lot and also came to know TAX is not transferable, I went to the gov.uk web and paid the tax in full for the whole year. Since then, I tried to exhaust the web for any information related to this car and made a list of past owners (because I am not sure who holds the title with Moneybarn since Moneybarn will only declare a good faith title if I purchased the car from their customer). in total there are 5 registered keepers/owners of the car (incl. myself). From the service
  6. Hi All, before I start I know there are similar threads of the topic I am raising, and each, of course, has its own unique scenario, which may benefit others. My case is as follows: 1. I saw a gumtree ad on the 16th of Oct 2020 for a Mercedes E220 CDI, priced at 7,500 2. I called the seller and said I will come over on the 17th of Oct 2020 to view. 3. On the 17th of Oct 2020 I went to his place where he is working and viewed the car. He is working for a major car rental company. I checked the car and of course asked the normal things to ask e.g. any insurance write-offs, loan
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