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  1. Hi i am completing my letter of claim and have ticked box D answer I. So, I also send a CCA request - do I make this under section 77? Which one is student loan under ? thanks
  2. Hello, I have a letter of claim now, the amounts I owe against each year don’t look right but I can’t be sure as I don’t have any of the original paperwork . Which template do I use from the letter of claim thread please? And am I disputing or asking for more details ? thanks
  3. Hi thanks for your help, I’ve sent the letter. I am worried though that I won’t know what to ignore and what to not? Will the notice of claim be marked as such ans can I post back on here if I get one? Also- how do I know I haven’t had a CCJ already ? I just can’t quite understand why they would wait this long ? thanks
  4. And would a back door CCJ at an address where I don’t live and in a name I don’t use affect me ? Bearing in mind I have no alias on my credit file ?
  5. Ok thanks, feels so counter intuitive to confirm they found me - will read some more threads thanks
  6. Ok, thank you . Is there a point at which that changes ? Can they take me to court? thanks
  7. Does this work? I think I’ve done it ... sorry for delay, I required assistance SS Letter Oct 2020-1.pdf
  8. It was a letter telling me to pay the full amount in 5 days and enclosing a form where I was to put all my incoming and outgoings should I be unable to pay it all at once
  9. Early 90s student loan - SLC. Sold to Erudio . Deferred every year for 23 years. Then Erudio didn’t send me a referral form the next year. I rang and they eventually did. The following year I had moved house , again no forwarded deferral form came (I had that Royal Mail forwarding thing in place ) I rang them again and was told I didn’t have an account with them so had no need to defer. The man on the phone checked twice and then told me to ring Honors loans to see if I was with them . I naively thought as it was around 25 years since the first loan was up maybe they had written them all off, I also thought great . Fast forward 2 years ish - Erudio start sending me full amount demands (sent onto me by the people at my previous address) and BTW now your loan is not eligible to be written off due to age or longevity as you are in arrears . By then I am furious, upset and feeling conned. I went to ombudsmen but because I couldn’t prove I made the call (I had free calls at that time and they only kept records of those that incurred a cost - also I had 141’d before I rang them) and erudio couldn’t find their record ... I was therefore not successful. I clearly remember the call and I absolutely made it. So next I did the stupid thing ... They didn’t have my address , they didn’t have my up to date name , they didn’t have any bank account details so I did nothing, didn’t pay anything and seethed. Silence reigned for approx 4 years . Next I receive a letter to my correct address but still an incorrect (old) name, from both Erudio and Drydensfairfax solicitors asking for a large amount of money and a date by which I must provide this. This date has now just passed. Do I respond or ignore ? I can find no links on any of my credit reports to the name I have now and the name they have. They do though have my address , I have no idea how, I assume it was from the people who live at my last address). Am I really going to have to make an instalment plan to pay these people who I feel conned me into defaulting on this loan. I never and still do not earn the amount required to start payments . Do I put my hands up and send them a request for the original credit agreement and then open myself up to whatever they do next ? or do I imagine they are still fishing ? As I am sure many others are I am finding this shockingly stressful, both the monetary concerns and just the absolute unfairness of the whole system !! Please advise .
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