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  1. Hi i am completing my letter of claim and have ticked box D answer I. So, I also send a CCA request - do I make this under section 77? Which one is student loan under ? thanks
  2. Hello, I have a letter of claim now, the amounts I owe against each year don’t look right but I can’t be sure as I don’t have any of the original paperwork . Which template do I use from the letter of claim thread please? And am I disputing or asking for more details ? thanks
  3. Hi thanks for your help, I’ve sent the letter. I am worried though that I won’t know what to ignore and what to not? Will the notice of claim be marked as such ans can I post back on here if I get one? Also- how do I know I haven’t had a CCJ already ? I just can’t quite understand why they would wait this long ? thanks
  4. And would a back door CCJ at an address where I don’t live and in a name I don’t use affect me ? Bearing in mind I have no alias on my credit file ?
  5. Ok thanks, feels so counter intuitive to confirm they found me - will read some more threads thanks
  6. Ok, thank you . Is there a point at which that changes ? Can they take me to court? thanks
  7. Does this work? I think I’ve done it ... sorry for delay, I required assistance SS Letter Oct 2020-1.pdf
  8. It was a letter telling me to pay the full amount in 5 days and enclosing a form where I was to put all my incoming and outgoings should I be unable to pay it all at once
  9. Early 90s student loan - SLC. Sold to Erudio . Deferred every year for 23 years. Then Erudio didn’t send me a referral form the next year. I rang and they eventually did. The following year I had moved house , again no forwarded deferral form came (I had that Royal Mail forwarding thing in place ) I rang them again and was told I didn’t have an account with them so had no need to defer. The man on the phone checked twice and then told me to ring Honors loans to see if I was with them . I naively thought as it was around 25 years since the first loan was
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