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  1. Hello again! Hope you had a lovely Christmas holiday. A little update here: I got the refund in the end, they were pretty quick actually, I didn't even realize but I got it in three days after receiving that email from the CS executive. I have to say I am a bit relieved now, it would have been interesting to go through with the whole thing, go to a hearing, etc. but it's nice that I don't have to risk any more money in court. The only thing I am sad about is that Hermes is getting away with stealing again. I guess we would need thousands of people to sue Hermes for losing packages and maybe th
  2. Ok, sorry for my late reply but I got this letter from Amazon yesterday (Monday): Now this sounds great but I am not going to celebrate until I have that money on my bank account... Not going to proceed with Moneyclaim in the meantime. Will be back to you as soon as I get (don't get) the refund
  3. Don't worry, I read around already, just wanted to double check. I will post the particulars of claim tomorrow or Sunday here.
  4. Ok both sent today. Should we wait for a reply now? I mean technically they don't have to reply to this, right?
  5. Understood. I am going to send it in email to both managingdirector@amazon.co.uk and to complaints@amazon.co.uk (I have no clue where else to send this, the only other email I could find was Jeff Bezos', probably he has bigger fish to fry ). Additionally I will send a physical copy to the Amazon UK headquarters (60 Holborn Viaduct, Holborn, London EC1A 2FD, UK ???).
  6. Oh and one more thing. I think there is one more important thing about this case that I should mention in the letter of claim. So I got the following response from the head offices: "Since you used your own label, I recommend that you directly contact the carrier used and see all possible options" I feel like they are trying to blame me for using my own label. I think it would be important to point out that this was the only option left and that I was told to do that as they weren't able to create a prepaid shipping label for me. What would be the best way to incorporate this into the letter o
  7. Oh I am prepared to sue! And thank you again for the edits. Also, should I send it by post as well?
  8. Hey, thanks for the edits. So this is how it looks like now:
  9. Yes, I have the original ones (by that I mean screenshots of the chat as Amazon uk is not able to send chat transcripts to emails + you can't ask for chat transcripts that happened in the past... how convenient for them). I forgot to post it the following day, here is the letter of claim: So do I just send this to Amazon via email? If yes, I will both start a new chat with a CS assistant and send it there and send it to managingdirector@amazon.co.uk as well.
  10. Hello! Please see the chat transcript attached. I am still working on the letter of action, will post it as soon as I'm done. So regarding the chat transcript: this is basically the ONLY evidence I have. What do you think? Is it enough to support my case? Chat_transcript_typed.pdf
  11. Thanks, I will do both the transcript and letter of action before Monday and post them here. Enjoy your weekend!
  12. Is there any way for me to send you the chat transcript (I am talking about just a few lines, the important ones) so you can check if what you see there is enough evidence? I only have screenshots, I can't just copy/paste the conversation here. Or if you want I can just write it all down here so other people checking the forum can still see the conversation. About the letter before action: I have looked at the other topics but I am not sure which template should I go with. I understand that I shouldn't really go into details about the case but make it brief instead. Can you suggest me a
  13. Hello! So I directly contacted the managing director at managingdirector@amazon.co.uk (as I haven't heard back from anyone about that "ongoing investigation")and I got the following reply: My name is Jaluk Singh from the Amazon.co.uk Amazon Executive Customer Relations Team. Your correspondence has been brought to my attention, and I wanted to personally respond. "I understand that you did not return the order using the Amazon pre-paid label as you had some problems during the collection. Since you used your own label, I recommend that you directly contact the carrier used and see all possi
  14. Hey again! I completely get your point and I agree with you. Again sorry for not writing for weeks, to be honest, I was also waiting for a reply from Amazon (I had to contact them three times, the amazon associates are awful... they don't read your messages and they just don't care in general). Yes, I have and I just got an email from them actually (2 days ago)... They have finally understood that the item is lost in transit... They told me this: "As the item has been lost in transit, I have referred to our higher team and have raised an investigation for the item missed. (
  15. Hey! Sorry for not writing, I have been extremely busy in the past few weeks. I do have a question though and I wanted to see your opinion. I understand that the next step will be probably to take legal action against Amazon. But there is one thing that I haven't tried yet. What do you think about filing an official complaint through a third party, like https://www.econsumer.gov/#crnt or with the relevant (private sector?) ombudsman (I am not sure where I could do that)? And if I am not happy with the ombudsman's decision, I could still take court action.
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