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  1. Thank you! I will write as soon as I spoke with them. I am still waiting for a reply from them (they promised that they would conduct an investigation into the matter).
  2. What are the main points I should stress during my call with Amazon?
  3. Understood. Maybe as a first step it would be a good idea to write to Amazon and tell them that I would have selected the prepaid hermes drop-off option, like I always do, but I wasn't able to as that option wasn't available for the laptop. Additionally, after Hermes not collecting the item on two consecutive times with the Hermes home pick-up option, I was advised by a customer service assistant to organize the return myself as there is no point in choosing the home pick-up service for the third time. Following his advice and returning the laptop myself being the only available option to
  4. "As it is they recommended parcel monkey but you really opted not to take it." - well they recommended parcel monkey OR any similar service. From the sentence it feels like parcel monkey was just an example. Another thing I wanted to correct is that laptops are on the non-compensation list, not the prohibited items list (devices that need battery to operate are not prohibited, only plain batteries) but I am not sure if this makes any difference. I might want to try "very hard to charm Amazon into seeing things my way" first if that is all right with you too. Btw I just chec
  5. Which one would you recommend me doing? And what do you mean by proceed against Amazon? Sue them or just bring this whole thing up in more agressive manner? As for your question I have a small part of the conversation I had with the assistant. I was told: "I could only find the pickup option. So you could arrange your own return using parcel monkey: www.parcelmonkey.com or any similar service. Keep the receipt and send it to: ...url... And we will refund you the postage fees" But before that I remember them saying that there is no point in waiting for Hermes home-pickup anymore as they h
  6. Type (description) of the item: laptop. Value: £999. The rest is correct :).
  7. No sorry for not being clear, my bad. The first part of my reply was for when I initiated the return process on the Amazon website. The second was on the Hermes website.
  8. So basically how it works on Amazon is when you return you have to select a reason for returning the item from a dropdown. There I have selected performance or quality not adequate. That was the only time they asked me why I am returning the product. I have declared 999 both for making a claim and when arranging the delivery (as I said I couldn't input a higher number, it wouldn't have let me to proceed otherwise).
  9. I completely agreee with what you're saying, obviously I made a huge mistake here, never should have listened to Amazon and should have just waited for Hermes to come and collect the laptop. The laptop wasn't faulty but did have some flaws that justifies a return (screen bleeding was my biggest issue). Yes I understand that, probably I will have to claim that amount instead of the full one. If you mean £999, then yes, I am 99% sure about this but I can't check it anywhere in the system so I might have to wait for their reply to my claim. Any thoughts on this
  10. One thing that I would like to add is that I am still not sure if Amazon can be held liable for this or not. After all they were the ones recommending me to organize the shipping myself instead of using their prepaid hermes label (which was not even available for the item). Amazon is still investigeting btw, I was promised to be contacted in 48 hours. But I have talked to several amazon associates in the past days and the whole case is just a mess. I get emails from different customer service assistants, most of them trying to shift the blame to Hermes. I would like to convince Amazon to issue
  11. It was Amazon yes, I have a screenshot of that conversation actually. Ok, more precisely they told me to use any parcel delivery service like parcelmonkey or the like and just organize the shipping myself. I could only declare 999 pounds as that is the maximum value i could put there. But yes for the contents I wrote laptop.
  12. Hello everyone! I have just stumbled upon this website and read through some of the topics. Unfortunately the thing that I was incredibly scared of happened: Hermes lost my package. I would like to ask you guys to help me. I have never been in this situation and I am really not sure what to do. So I wanted to return a laptop I bought on Amazon (worth £2000) using Hermes. As Amazon couldn't create a drop off label for the item they advised me to send the item back myself, after which they would issue the refund to me. (Also there was no option for them to print a hermes return label, which
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