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  1. No reply from student union rep, but my own research show that regardless once status barred SFE can hold on record till cleared and can be used to decline new application till Eurido remove. On a positive note the University decided not to charge me.
  2. hi thats the problem erudio never admit that they just stick with its stature barred and if want us to remove it you have pay it off otherwise will remain. its like a black mail tool for them plus they're not under obligation to write it off. also you mention they like debt collectors they no chance they write it off lol. I really appreciate the reply you sent help a lot to clear some of my misunderstandings. I let you know what happens with my meeting tomorrow with su. stature barred by one company erudio and blocked by sfe who want me to pay it even though they know its stature barred its crazy lol Hi I talk the fanatic Student Union Adviser he said h reach out see if other colleagues come across same situation for the time being I have withdrawn from my degree
  3. I read this post seems very similar situation to me and he couldn't get it removed so his application also rejected.
  4. last deferment was 2005 after that nothing till 2018 from SLC which had letter Annual Unmatched customers/oversees/Not eligible to repay statement this also for 2019. As i said earlier i din'td even know that eudio had brought my first loan. The 2005 loan still with SLC which is fine not in arrears as I never earn over threshold. The eudio loan had been stature barred in 2010 from what the erudio adviser told me. I am sure she said they brought in 2015 maybe wrong can't remember completely. I changed address and went back to parents home and eudio was sending on old address but SLC had my original address what confuses me if loan was stature barred in 2010 why erudio saying they tried writing to me, as when the brought it was already stature barred
  5. will do. Yeah was advised four times we will only proceed with your application if your pay the outstanding debt otherwise your new application will not be considered for student finance. That was student finance england even though the debt is with erudio. They said ring them up and pay debt then they will remove block from system and we can proceed reviewing your application again otherwise no finance from us as show outstanding debt. Which i found weird how it outstanding if its statue barred.
  6. its not showing on credit report. I show what they send me in letter when reject my application. I copy without my details below Dear Assessment of Application for Student Finance Academic Year 2020/21 We have considered your application and based on the information provided, you are not eligible to receive student finance because: • You have arrears on a previous Student Loan. The Regulations which govern how student finance is provided say that we cannot consider any student eligible to receive student finance if he or she is behind with repayments on an existing student loan. If you have a Mortgage Style (MS) loan, please call your debt owner on the telephone number shown on the most recent correspondence that you have received from them. If you don’t know who your debt owner is, please go to www.gov.uk/repaying-your-student-loan for more information. If you have any Income Contingent Repayment (ICR) loans, please call 0300 100 0611 for advice. If you require more information about student finance visit www.gov.uk/studentfinance Yours sincerely Student Finance England This is what they replied when rejecting my application. So even though the debt been sold to erudio they will keep rejecting any new application. I have also Loan with SLC which is completely fine. just add sorry it not on my statement not on anything like that but it been used block my new application by student loans even though it been sold. I had no idea to be honest at all it even existed as i still had slc finance and that showed as okay. Now i am more worried about the university try charge me 2250 pounds for being two days over the deadline, as soon as I was reject i withdrew from the course as I did quick research and noticed it be long process to even try and overturn decision. My tutor will sign me off on the deadline hopefully just the lady in credit control was saying does not matter two days over has me worried.
  7. yes meeting tomorrow with student union finance advisor . What I read on here Student Loans Company /Student Finance England wont remove statue bar from record it will always remain till i paid that's what agent from student finance England said hence why my application for new finance rejected. erudio which brought part of the loan is the one that is statue barred not SLC one that one is fine and no payment outstanding.
  8. I must withdraw from the course as Student Finance England will not fund my second degree which is an exception degree. For I been told of an outstanding debt that I had no idea existed, which was sold to a third party from my original degree. SFE told me that there no outstanding debt when doing my application but now informed me that they sold half my loan to a private company that put a block on my account. I tried explaining that I never earn over the threshold so no payment was due, which sfe agreed but they say they can do nothing about the block on my account by Erudio. I rang Erudio to explain but they said will only remove if I fully pay even though I am under no legal obligation as I never earn the threshold, plus I cannot afford 8070 pounds. I spent hours telephoning looking for a solution with no luck, I contacted Student loans England, Student Finance England, the University credit and finance but no luck in finding a solution. But I really see a solution being found as I don't want to liable for course fees as I can't afford them without SFE loan. What makes it worse is the university stringed me along even though I phoned them on 28/10/2020 and raised this as a concern that finance not been received and she assured me the cut off point was 18/11/2020, I received my decision on 21/11/2020 i immediately withdrew from the course. when I rang the university to explain that these are circumstances out of my control, and its not like I don't want to continue the degree there no finance she said well we charge you 2250 pounds because you two days over the cut off point. I told look at system notes I already telephone with concern and now they sending me invoices, totally stressed made appointment with Student union adviser I find it amazing they try to take advantage of me in this way. If anyone has any advice please I would very much appreciate it. Just add I rang erudio whom informed me the debt was Stature barred in 2010 and they bought loan in 2015, and they only remove if I pay it in full which I cannot afford, this reason I have drop out. On my SLC loan every if up to date and there no outstanding balance there deferment till 2005 and then gap in 2018 it says Annual Unmatched customers/oversees/Not eligible to repay statement. I did move address erudio had my old address but slc had my new address. the lady said that since I did not fill in my deferment regardless if I can prove I never earn over the threshold that the debt had been statue barred, If anyone can tell how I handle the university whom going after for a whole term payment just cos I was two days over the tutor said she allow my withdrawal from the 18th but I don't know how the university will act.
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