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  1. During that time my credit rating was shot yeah. I got caught in a cycle of small payday loans with Sunny. I had an arrangement to pay with the company sunny sold the loans to. I put in a irresponsible lending complaint and about 2 years later I won this and sunny paid me back a large chunk of what they loaned me. (had the choice to deny and push for more, but looking at it now I did the right thing) I remember going for the 118 loan at the time and was amazed I got it. Then when I paid for a good 6-8months on the 118 loan I got offered the "loan top up" for another £1500. Which I of course I took . I eventually got the total owing down to 2k (which is now 3.2k with AZ) but then ran into payment problems. To answer your other question I have not paid any other DCA any monies. Right now this 118 debt is the only debt I have. Surely if I dont act quickly the likelyhood of the pushing a CCJ is greater? Or do you believe because the debt is "toxic" that it wouldn't get that far? Thanks again for your help. You wouldn't believe how much you have calmed my anxiety and stress.
  2. Thankyou for being Frank, I actually paid off all my other debts and my credit score has been building until this appeared. I don't have any other debts and I have been retracing everything these last 2 days. All are now accounted for including this. So my next move is to update my address with them? This I can do and will do today. Then perhaps I can organise a settlement amount or a payment plan. Either way it seems the quicker I move the less chance I have of a CCJ hitting me.
  3. Thankyou so much for your reply. After digging it appears it was a debt with 118 money for £2000 that was indeed mine from 2 years ago. so at least I can track the fact its mine. Looking at the account it appears they took the interest off the loan and then sold it to another company. The debt itself has been registered to an address before the one I was actually in. (lord knows how) Heard nothing at all for 2 years then this default on the account that says azzurro associates (xxxxxx acc num etc). I'm happy to pay it but because they have been using an address from 4 years ago I have no correspondence. Really all I want to do is contact who the people collecting are and organise something. It seems because I have not received correspondence I have now amassed over 3k instead To add the debt/default on my equifax credit report clearly says "loan from Azzuro Associates (I) XXXX)
  4. Hi guys Recently had a default appear on my credit report from Azzuro Associates for the sum of £3254. Never heard of these guys and never had any correspondence. The debt was defaulted on the 01.09.20 and added to my report on 20.10.20. The I have tried emailing them and hunting for a phone number but they seem to have scrubbed there phone number from the Web. I'm really concerned that this will go to a CCJ if I can't get in touch with them and get to the bottom of it. I have no idea what this debt is for. Had anyone had dealings with them. I'm moving out in Feb 21 and I really don't want this on my report. Argh!
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