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  1. Thank you again for your help. I feel I have familiarised myself with the process and if needed I will go the distance. I've still not received a claim form, or even a reply from Packlink, since informing them of the conflicting information. Hopefully I will hear something by tomorrow morning.
  2. Hi, I am a private seller and I sold a CD player on eBay. The item sold for £266.77 + £9.38 postage. I would usually send high value items by Royal mail Special delivery and incur the extra cost myself, just to make sure the buyer receives their parcel. Unfortunately the CD player I sold came with it's original box so it was slightly too large to send by Special delivery. Therefore, I thought I would try what I believed to be eBays own shipping service, Packlink. I sent the item the same day by Packlink Hermes Nextday with insurance to the full value and also paid extra from the requirement of a signature. I have the receipt from Packlink but it doesn't mention the amount insured. I'm concerned that may be deliberate. To ship by Next day with full insurance and signature requirement doubled the shipping cost but I didn't mind incurring the extra cost as long as I was covered. The parcel arrived at the Hermes national hub but then didn't move. I tried many times but Hermes wouldn't deal with me because I booked through Packlink. Ebay wouldn't help me in anyway so my only way to communicate was via live chat on Packlink. I informed the advisor what had happened and explained that the parcel hadn't moved since the 15th October at 1.58am. The Packlink advisor told me they would submit a request to Hermes and get back to me. When Packlink did get back to me , all they did was confirm that my package was at the hub, as per what I told them. I told them that I wished to make a formal complaint but they just ignored me. They told me they would submit an inquiry with Hermes and get back to me when they had more info. Several days later, after numerous unsuccessful attempts to contact Hermes directly. The tracking updated on eBay, stating "There's an issue with the delivery." and "Enquiry Resolved". I contacted Packlink again to let them know and they told me they would submit a formal investigation. The following day I received an email from packlink apologising for the delay in their response and that they had received the following response from Hermes.. Please find the carrier's latest update as follows: "I’ve tracked the journey of your parcel and unfortunately parcel is still currently at our Hub. I am truly sorry for the inconvenienced this has caused and please allow extra time for the parcel to arrive to our depot from the Hub. We will immediately process the parcel for delivery once this has been received." I felt a little more relieved as it seemed like Hermes still had my parcel so I replied thanking Packlink for updating me. A little later I decided to have a look at the tracking. It still said there was a problem with my delivery but this time it said "Claim code issued". I emailed Packlink to let them know that information conflicted with what they had told me but I have so far received no reply. I am very concerned after reading all the reviews and horrors stories about these companies online. I have kept the money on Paypal but I haven't heard anything from the buyer yet. I thought it best to let the buyer get in touch wit me first, just in case the parcel had been delivered but not updated on the tracking. I know that if I was the buyer, I would of been in touch straight away, but a week later, I have still heard nothing. I have read on other posts that I can't take Packlink to the county court with them being based in Spain, and Hermes are just ignoring me. I don't know what to do next and I don't know where to find a document that shows my full insurance for the item. I only have the receipt from Packlink which shows I paid for insurance and I have the eBay sales receipt. Please can anyone help? Many Thanks.
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