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  1. Ah ok thank you - seems I'm at a dead end for now. I'll try to find the guarantee and take if from there. Many thanks for your help, have a great day.
  2. Thank you, I'm scouring my emails to see if I can find the guarantee - I'll see also if I can find any physical paperwork. I have been trying, in good faith, to get it resolved with Prowise UK - there have been emails back and forth and I've been hopeful that it would finally be resolved on Monday just gone (19th) but they brought a screen which was in a shocking state, so I've posted here as I don't know how to proceed or if I have any other routes to follow. I do appreciate any help Thank you
  3. Hi, Yes correct on all points. I don't have a copy of the guarantee to hand - I do have the email confirmation of order with order number.
  4. Hi thank you for the quick responses, I bought online on 5th May 2016 via directtvs.co.uk and paid £4799.96 plus £29.95 postage with a debit card. The screen is: Prowise Pro-Line 75" Ultra HD LED Multi-touchscreen 5 Year Warranty The 5 tear warranty was included in the price and not paid for separately. On 14 December 2018 I contacted Prowise online help who then passed the case to Prowise UK Prowise UK Gravelly Industrial Park, Unit 19 Tyburn Road B24 8HZ Birmingham They then first contacted me on 27 December 2018. Let me know if any other information is needed. Thank you.
  5. Over a year ago a large computer touchscreen that I'd bought developed a fault. I bought the screen with a 5 year guarantee. The company sent engineers who after trying unsuccessfully to fix on-site, took it away for repair. The company informed me that they are unable to repair the screen and would give me a replacement. Twice now the company has brought screens which I have refused to take. They have brought battered up, scratched, dirty old screens, ex-display apparently. Not in any packaging etc. I've been reasonable and polite and have just tried to get back to what I had, a working screen. I know don't know what to do next and would greatly appreciate any help or advice. I have a full email trail of correspondence with the company - they are a UK LTD company. Many thanks in advance
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