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  1. Ah ok thank you - seems I'm at a dead end for now. I'll try to find the guarantee and take if from there. Many thanks for your help, have a great day.
  2. Thank you, I'm scouring my emails to see if I can find the guarantee - I'll see also if I can find any physical paperwork. I have been trying, in good faith, to get it resolved with Prowise UK - there have been emails back and forth and I've been hopeful that it would finally be resolved on Monday just gone (19th) but they brought a screen which was in a shocking state, so I've posted here as I don't know how to proceed or if I have any other routes to follow. I do appreciate any help Thank you
  3. Hi, Yes correct on all points. I don't have a copy of the guarantee to hand - I do have the email confirmation of order with order number.
  4. Hi thank you for the quick responses, I bought online on 5th May 2016 via directtvs.co.uk and paid £4799.96 plus £29.95 postage with a debit card. The screen is: Prowise Pro-Line 75" Ultra HD LED Multi-touchscreen 5 Year Warranty The 5 tear warranty was included in the price and not paid for separately. On 14 December 2018 I contacted Prowise online help who then passed the case to Prowise UK Prowise UK Gravelly Industrial Park, Unit 19 Tyburn Road B24 8HZ Birmingham
  5. Over a year ago a large computer touchscreen that I'd bought developed a fault. I bought the screen with a 5 year guarantee. The company sent engineers who after trying unsuccessfully to fix on-site, took it away for repair. The company informed me that they are unable to repair the screen and would give me a replacement. Twice now the company has brought screens which I have refused to take. They have brought battered up, scratched, dirty old screens, ex-display apparently. Not in any packaging etc. I've been reasonable and polite and have just tried to get bac
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