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  1. For the assistance of Hickling96, I have attached copies of my claim letters. Earlier in this thread are a number of pictures used to demonstrate the lack of care taken by these companies when handling our goods. Hope this helps. HERMES CLAIM_1.docx PACKLINK CLAIM_1.docx
  2. Congrats. Shame you weren’t in uk as this obviously added difficulties for you regards getting your costs as well. . Each one of us who wins after a threat of court action makes it clearer that Hermes (and other parcel shippers) do not want to be exposed in court as having unenforceable , unfair clauses in their terms and conditions.
  3. Hi whosaynah, you need to familiarise yourself with sections 49 and 57 of the consumer rights act. s.49 basically places them under a duty of care when your goods are in their control. They have lost them or they have been stolen. This is a clear lack of care. print out the photos I posted showing how they fail to care of goods and take them with you to mediation. have you read my earlier post? The fact you did not take enhanced insurance does not absolve them of their duty of care and they are in breach of your contract with them. They breached the contrac
  4. Channel 4 did an investigative program presented by Joe Lysett , [bits on the internet] that exposed the poor handling and care, and also found evidence of parcels being sent to auction by Hermes when they could clearly be identified as the Address labels were still attached, and in some case the senders address was showing. Obviously those pictures have had the addresses redacted, but the captions tell the tale.
  5. Here is the photographic evidence (had to split it to 2 lots: part 2
  6. I hope this will help others, as I set out my story from the start. On 13th September I sold a MacBook Pro computer on eBay, for £820. I used packlink for the shipping method and selected Hermes 2-3 day service, to be collected. I did not take the enhanced compensation ( like you, I do not think it is my place to insure the handler for the incompetence of their staff, poor management systems , or dishonesty of staff). On 17th September I checked the tracking and saw that it had stalled. Delivery should have been completed by 17th. A message popped up on the tracking sta
  7. Hi, Bankfodder, in #9 you questioned the point of writing to Martijn De Lange directly. I would advise this is a worthwhile exercise. He may not see it , but he has a staff who deal with it. I emailed my complaint over a lost laptop valued at £820.00p which Hermes lost. Packlink offered me £25.00 as I hadn't taken their enhanced compensation ( like you, I don't believe i should insure them against incompetence and theft in their organisation). When they refused the full amount, I followed up with a letter of claim sent by Recorded Delivery on 21st October, addressed to him.
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