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  1. Well.... It arrived today! Got to say Parcelhero were really helpful, and even Hermes got their act together a bit towards the end in an attempt to locate the parcel, so I'll have to say that I'm pleasantly surprised with both of these companies. Needless to say I'd use another courier in the future, but would have no issues booking it through parcelhero again. Absolute relief today. Thanks for your support BankFodder, was a real help.
  2. Tracking updated... looks like it may well have been found. Will confirm when it arrives and I calm down a bit.
  3. No, I mean their claims. I am hoping it doesn't have to go to court, but am fully prepared to. Thanks and I'll keep you updated.
  4. Hi BankFodder, Just a quick update: Parcelhero have been in contact with me each day, they've been trying unsuccessfully to get hold of Hermes, so after a week we've moved to the claims process. The chap who's helped me through it has been good, so I've not had to ask any questions here etc. I've submitted my claim, and I'll let you know what happens as a result of that. Wanted to extend a thanks your way once again, the conversation put me at considerable ease.
  5. Yes, it's a new guitar, the one I was sending back was to be sold to someone else. Will take a peek at that tomorrow, have to prepare food now. Thanks again for your time BF, you've honestly been a greater help than you could imagine.
  6. Thanks again for outlining the process, my mind has been racing back and forth between all the possibilities and to see it all written down in plain detail is rather helpful. I will definitely be forthright and won't be pushed around, and have the funds to go the whole way, have checked my local court for the costs and they are well within reason + I do expect to win. Time frame seems about what I was considering as the likely length it'd take, so thanks for that. Because we'll be outside the trading EU trading bloc, my guitar might become quite a bit more e
  7. Hi BankFodder! Thanks for getting back to me so quickly and with so much information. Yeah, massive fail. Never had to use a courier for anything, and Hermes seem to deliver things around here without any trouble, as I said friendly with my driver... but lesson learned for sure. Yes the insurance, or whatever they call it "cover" is with Parcelhero, I noted that Hermes didn't cover guitars and only had £300 worth of cover available so that was a no go. Never been to court etc. I will keep you updated on how the complaints procedure is
  8. New to the forum, joined to ask about this situation I find myself in. Had a custom acoustic guitar built early this year from a Finnish guitar maker. I then spent the rest of the year paying it off. (3400 eur) It arrived a couple weeks ago, but had the wrong string spacing, so the builder agreed to a return and to build a new guitar with the right spacing. Arranged a courier with Parcelhero + Hermes. 10 day economy to Finland at a cost of £168 (no rush as the new guitar isn't ready till Nov) Picked up on the correct day, next 2 days tracking updated, then n
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