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  1. Yes i still have all the customers names addresses and phone numbers of all the leads, so i thing i should ring them all up and see what they say.
  2. I have the text messages to the regional manager saying one of my results and i have sent her all my leads and have had no replies, i have sent her about 3 to 4 texted messages and no answer also all the emails i have sent to head office.
  3. On Monday the 27th of July 2020, i signed up with Anglian windows to work as a canvasser over in East London, the interview went well. I started working and had to use a app on the phone to make appointments. The deal was if i got a lead on the door and the salesman went round to the customer and priced it i would get paid for it. I started working the following week, i made leads, but i had problems with the app not working as well as it should, the app would give me results on my leads. Long story but they where working some leads and forgetting to work ot
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